Now that the election is over, Trump can now mobilize the military to protect us from invasion

Our President called it an invasion, will he protect us?

I just hope our military is strong enough to withstand a group of people who have been walking for hundreds of miles. You know they are going to be a strong force against our military.


there are gonna be patriots in pickups. what else do we need?

Invasion? Hearing nothing in the news today about an invasion…

Fat donald is having a press conference and not one word about this invasion.

Another day has gone by. Why hasn’t Trump done anything to stop the invasion force? He could get Mexico to dissolve it today. Trump won’t even mention it anymore, now that the election is over.

So easy to stoke bigotry and racism in some people. So, so easy.

guys. chill. we got this…


What a bunch of clowns. I wonder how many in that photo have shot themselves.

My only hope is that the invaders don’t throw rocks. We would have to slaughter all of them.

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Gross white people :face_vomiting:

doubtless he’s already planning to meet the militias at the border and toss them rolls of toilet paper.

The â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  in the middle with at least one revolver pointed at a head and fingers on the triggers is the winner.


I like the lady with the pink rifle. She’ll make the invading caravan think twice.

2 days in a row after the elction that Trump hasn’t mentioned the invasion.

You talking about these people?

I thought they were mostly women and children. I didn’t see any in that video. :open_mouth:

So you are basing the composition of a caravan consisting of thousands of folks on a video snippet of a couple of hundred who were trying to physically knock down a fence? Is it surprising to you that the didn’t send the women and children to do that? I completely disagree with any violence on the part of the migrants (or on the part of those facing them for that matter) but you comment is just breathtakingly wrong on at least a couple of counts.

Nope…just pointing out the obvious. Some are attempting to spin the caravan of being made up of children to pull peoples’ feeling strings when the truth is, the caravan is almost entirely young males.

You said you didn’t see that “in the video”. Your very specific words. I pointed out that it would have been really weird to have seen a lot of women and children in the video. Do you disagree? The video proves absolutely nothing about the composition of the caravan.

Well, how about the following video showing hundreds upon hundreds, the majority being young males?