Now that CNN has offered to host a debate

Fox need to do the exact same thing. There is no law that states that all debates must be hosted by liberals. Get it done Fox.


This is going to be fun. Every man and his dog will be wanting to host a debate.

The whine will flow…


I’d rather it be One American News Network or NewsMax. Fox is now speaking out of both sides of it’s political mouth.


Possibly Newsmax but OANN is not even a blip in news media

Whoever gets the debates they need to stream for free as cable subscribers are declining. Younger generations sre not interested in cable news or even network news. They consume it differently.

You’re right. They were attacked for providing the truth about our corrupt, political establishment…which is exactly why I’d like them used to manage a political debate.

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Regardless they do not have the audience needed nor the online presence. OANN getting a debate is not going to happen.

From what I have seen of their news coverage I personally consider them a bit of a joke. Your mileage may vary and thats okay.

OANN was crap.


You might as well let the View “moderate” the debate as CNN.


Our host and a few others do ok but yean that’s true of many at Fox these days.

Hannity should not be anywhere near the debates, he is too close to Trump.


OANN does ok for the audience it was designed for - a very small percentage of the nation of the population which holds a very narrow world view on politics (namely an obsession with one particular politician). There’s really no use in them hosting a debate as the vast majority of Americans never watch OANN, and the viewership that does is already solidly committed to the candidate they want in office. The audience for which debates do the most good - those who don’t know who they are going to vote for - probably has never even heard of OANN.


Among other reasons.

Bad Idea. They have earned nothing. Fox has earned this through their ratings. Millions of people wouldn’t bother trying to find where to stream these minor networks. We need to get real here. These debates will be hosted by major networks, not outliers. Are you afraid Fox will be unfair to Trump?

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I tend to agree with this. Their ratings does mean they should have a debate.

Perhaps give the second one to one of the networks.

Failing that Mr Beast could moderate on youtube

Okay. I’ll put you down for CNN and NBC as your preference.
I guess because you’re afraid that Martha McCallum, Bret Baier or Bill Hemmer will be doing their best to protect Biden?

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Should Fox get a debate?

Martha McCallum, Bret Baier or Bill Hemmer.

Trump should invite Kennedy and Biden to debate on Fox. Kennedy will agree and Biden will have to be (D)ifficult and (D)ecline for (D)emocracy …

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All of the debates will go to major networks. What would be your choice?