Now Putin not invited!

Now postponed till after Mueller investigation is completed. I guess Trump backed down to the establishment.
I can’t keep track of all Trump’s Flip flops these past couple weeks! Trump libs getting whiplashed gotta be hurting by now…


I give Trump credit for doing the right thing in regard to the Putin invite. This is just another example of how nobody is harder on Russia than Trump. Nobody ever says that, but it’s true.


So I’m gathering this is coming from Bolton’s statement:

What I don’t get, is why Bolton says it will happen after January 1st. What happens January 1st? There’s no time limit on Mueller’s investigation. Is this like Trump’s former attorney(Cobb) saying things would be wrapped up by last November?

Makes me wonder if Trump is planning some personnel changes in the DOJ after the election.

that is so funny.


It’s after the election and Congress going on vacay.

wish i could claim credit for it though ;p
personally i would have used a gold sharpy and red orange glitter

Yeah, but Bolton implies the “witch hunt” will be over. That doesn’t make much sense.

Probably just a cover they are putting out. It’s not like these are honest people we are dealing with. They can’t really say it’s because they need to wait until the election is over.


Nobody is harder when around Russians than Trump.

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Holy ■■■■ that’s funny.

I knew a guy who moved to London. After a year I saw him and he was talking like a Londoner. Is this happening in the white house? Lord help us.

I still have British artifacts in my speech just from having a British girlfriend for awhile. It’s funny how language works.

So lemme get this straight: Trump invited Putin for a state visit-I’m assuming with no groundwork-so Putin said, Nah, son, we can talk at the G20 or something and Trump turned around and canceled the invite the next day?

Yup. Putin has achieved Golden State Warriors status.

About sums it up. Rehash of the sport team visiting issue. Dude can’t stand being embarrassed

Well today anyway, wont be long till this though

Problem is, Putin isn’t burning him, he’s just smart enough to see what a disaster a state visit before the midterms or even worse in the lame duck period between November and January would be.

Trump supporters were applauding Trump for his invite now once again they have to pivot and applaud his decision to rescind the offer LOL.

Truly not one Trump supporter has one ounce of shame about their hypocrisy and inability to question their dear leader.