Now all four service chiefs have said they are okay with trans people

This is great news. I’m sure the forum members here will agree with such qualified opinions!

“When he tweeted last year, Trump said that he had talked to “my Generals and military experts” about the ban, but in court the White House’s lawyers couldn’t name any of those generals or experts.”

Because of course he was just talking out of his ass again.

zero reports of negative effects.

ummm… military members know that making such a report is the end of their career.

The Trump military is famously PC.

Oh, boy! Corporal Maxwell Klinger can now honorably serve in the U S Armed Forces!

Why is there so much focus on gay and transgender folks in the Service when there may be more problems faced by this group:

It just takes us time. Time to consider blacks to be humans. Time to let women vote. Time to let gay people marry. Time to let women serve. And a little more time for transgender people.

We always fix these idiotic problems but so often it’s only after certain groups of people die off.

Or maybe there is nothing wrong with transgender people, despite your hatred of them.

what evidence do you have that I hate transgendered. I DO dislike activists but don’t hate people just because they have a DSM-5 mental disorder.

Why won’t you admit you hate them? So curious. You admit to hating many other groups of people but are afraid of admitting you hate this one. Do you not want to be labeled a homophobe?

wait, isn’t call me ishmael a christian guy? he hates many groups of people? which ones? im confused.

if you’re speaking of me i am a christian.

the people i despise are those who say one thing inside the walls and do or say or support other things outside the walls. some are in my family. a ton live in my area.

ETA: i just realized you’re not speaking of me.

@CaughtInTheMiddle haha, sry I was not speaking of you.

please note that you are now focused on me and not the thread topic.

copied from the FAQ:

You may wish to respond to something by disagreeing with it. That’s fine. But remember to criticize ideas, not people. Please avoid:

Ad hominem attacks

never claimed to be a Christian. You have me confused with someone else. No Christian church that I know of would have me as a member. I am a believer in the God of Abraham. My spiritual heritage is in Abraham and his descendants. My knowledge is primarily based on Christian teachings and I definitely defend and love Christianity, especially but not limited to the verse in Romans 10:9. But I feel spiritually fed even reading, for example, the Islamic texts of the prophet AlYasa (AKA Isaiah) and the Zabur (AKA, the Psalms).

But more importantly… why are you focused on me instead of the topic? I dont think that your focus on me and calling me out for being some religion is consistent with the rules of the forum. I’m asking that you stop it.

Really what difference does it make anyway since libs have shoved the “multiple choice” gender down our throats!

Makes you ponder why mother nature ( or God if you prefer) gave the human race opposing thumbs and a brain bigger then all other animal life on the planet just to be reduced to idiots that can’t grasp the “natural order” of male and female.

As far as the Military DADT worked just fine IMO! It didn’t need to be changed to feed the gender frenzy of leftists.

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Someone transitioning is a beautiful thing. Imagine if your child felt they were born to the wrong gender. Every day they were miserable because they felt “wrong”. Wouldn’t you want to be supportive of their desire to redifine themselves in a way that gave them a full and happy life?

For every serene and beautiful change there are multiple regrets according to an article in Newsweek 10/2017

**Urologist Miroslav Djordjevic, who specializes in gender reassignment surgery, has seen an increase in “reversal” surgeries among transgender women who want their male genitalia back. In the past five years, Djordjevic performed seven reversals in his clinic in Belgrade, Serbia. The urologist explains to The Telegraph that those who want the reversal display high levels of depression, and in some instances, suicidal thoughts. Other researchers also report hearing about such regrets. **

“It can be a real disaster to hear these stories,” Djordjevic told The Telegraph.

Instead of poking around for single examples that don’t work, why don’t you, for a change, look at the bigger picture. Transitions are a good thing. Shall I start hitting you with Biblical phrases of why Jesus would approve?

Well, He didn’t. That distinction goes to sperm whales. So, one less thing to ponder.