Nothing to see here folks. I am sure they are bluffing (Taiwan)

Then that’s exactly what he’ll do.

really only one thing to consider… sunblock. if the US first move in a war with China isn’t a massive first strike we may as well pack it in and all learn mandarin. Russia we can defeat without nukes, china we cannot.

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In a war with China would be a naval war (including air superioroty over the seas.)

Ground troops would not be the major component. All our regional allies are surrounded by water, dependent on importing oil and raw materials and dependent on exporting finished goods.

Also, since China is not afraid to lock down again and again for protracted periods because of COVID we can safely believe that they cannot be choked of economically in a shooting war.

chinas navy has no chance againt ours and niether does their airforce. their advantage is in numbers of personell. they know that. why would they engage us on our terms? thinking they would is naive. if the war stayed conventional it would not be just against china, but china and russia. it obviously won’t be russian troops europe has to worry about. in a conventional war the eu could conquer russia tomorrow. if it stayed conventional, the only chance we would have is to establish complete air and sea superiority early in the conflict. and that pretty much gaurantees, it won’t stay conventional.

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Biden is more concerned about protecting the Globalists money laundering operation and that 10% cut for “the big guy.”

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We won’t though, especially under Democrats.

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China would look to use its navy to block the malacca strait, to impede energy shipments into Taiwan, Japan, s Korea, and the Phil., to stop trans pacific shipping. to render the Panama canal useless to us.

It’s kinds of an open secret.

The United States should not engage with China militarily.

I’m not sure I agree with “heavily subsidizing”, I do agree with decoupling.

So we should appease them with Taiwan?

The subset of Chinese leadership who would move militarily on Taiwan also want to make
Japan, Korea, and all of East Asia into their “neo-colony.”
They don’t even hide it much.

It’s pretty much the Democrats favorite policy move. Alternative energy and EVs are two whole new domestic industries that blew up because Obama-era democratic administrations watered those seeds.

Most of the components of wind turbines installed in the United States are manufactured here. There are more than 530 wind-related manufacturing facilities located across 43 states, and the U.S. wind industry currently employs more than 116,000 people.

These have been undeniably good new American jobs for so long that Republicans stopped grumbling about the actual industry and just started trolling that they aren’t perfectly environmentally friendly.

We should stay out of it. Taiwan wasn’t founded by some noble kings of democracy. The Kuomintang weren’t saints, they just weren’t communists.

I generally do not measure US interest by “what would have been justice 100 years ago.”

We could have abandoned Europe in WW2 for the same logic.

There were Real life Germans living in Austria Poland the Sudatenland and a not-crazy logic that it was rightfully a break away part of Germany. yetr allowing Germany to take those places turned out to be a very very bad mistake.

The same logic seems to apply re: Taiwan. No one can say with 100% certainy if it does ot does not.

I’m not measuring it by justice either. If you’re so eager to fight a war, you go.

We’ve got no business getting in a war in Asia or anywhere else unless we are attacked.

And should have.

We could have stayed out of France in WW2 because only a century earlier Napoleon ruled France.

By the same logic we could abandon every country in Latin America and we could abandon Taiwan today.

But the very very real possibility is that Taiwan = Sudantenland cannot be denied

All good ideas.

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What we have to do is understand the post-World War II world order is finished and the post Cold War world order is finished. US hegemony is coming to an end.

We must now determine what is the best grand strategy for doing what’s best for the United States in whatever new order is going to emerge.

If we keep futilely trying to keep the old order alive when it is so obviously breaking apart, we will have a very loud fall.


You lost me with hegemony.

Blatantly false anti-American claims are generally not made by people making an honest mistake.

You don’t think the US is a military and economic hegemon?

Of course they are (albeit a fading one) and it is most assuredly not an anti-American sentiment to recognize this truth.

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