NOTHING the GOP is Doing Matters

Republicans have already surrendered. They send their kids to schools run by leftist indoctrinators from grade school to university.

They will eventually turn the country into a Marxist hole.

I know a lot of republicans who continue with this, pay for it, and somehow expect their kids to be immune.

The Marxists will eventually defeat us, because we don’t stop the indoctrination. Once the indoctrinated grow up, they will run EVERYTHING. That’s why the Marxists took over the schools. They understood that.


I know for a while many of us didn’t realize what was going on. But most are still continuing to send their kids especially to the universities because they “want them to have a better life”.

They won’t have a better life in a Marxist hole 3rd world. THEY WILL NOT.

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I don’t think that you know what Marxism actually is.

Actually I do. One of their tactics is to deny they are Marxists.


Well… that is certainly convenient.


What is so Marxist about the USA?


Election Fraud… arresting opposition.

Attacks on Constitution by lawmakers.

Just for starters.


Marxism is an economic system put forth by Karl Marx (thus the name).

I don’t see anything about economics here…

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Those are authoritarian actions leaning towards dictatorial. It amazes me that half the country agrees with those tactics, as long as it favors their ideology.
Marxist? It seems sort of a problem getting elitism and Marxism to describe the same power center. “Progressives” seem to include a lot of very wealthy people.
Take the Biden family for one.


I have to disagree with the thread title. What the current crop of GOP politicians in the House is doing actually matters quite a bit. They are demonstrating that they can’t even do the basics - installing and maintaining a Speaker, and passing a budget. If they can’t even do those basic things, why are they there?

Something for everyone to think about during election season.


Neo-Marxism he means.


Sounds like good reasons to vote out the MAGAs.

There is way more than half who agree with authoritarian government, just depends on which side they agree with.

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Biden isn’t making your case.

Mao didn’t go full Marx on day 1.

It took a few steps.


Mao was in the middle of his Cultural Revolution when Marcuse was designing his world.

US universities are such bastions of “higher education” the student bodies take to the streets in support of terrorist organizations that behead babies, rape young girls in front of their parents then kill them and burn children alive.
Not sure what political ideologies they’re fomenting in these schools but it has no place in a modern world.


I’m semi in agreement with the OP, but I think it will instead get to the point that the central part of the country leave the liberal coasts to their own devices.

Once the part of the country that actually produces things leaves, the liberal ■■■■ holes will turn into the 3rd world holes they so desire to be like.

They might try to prevent the split. If they do that would be a mistake. Most of the firearms are owned by the right, as well as the military leaning that direction. Unless things change more it’s more likely the military would side with the ones leaving.

Marxism is not just about economics.

“What is a simple definition of Marxism?
Marxism is a social, economic and political philosophy that analyses the impact of the ruling class on the laborers, leading to uneven distribution of wealth and privileges in the society. It stimulates the workers to protest the injustice.”

Tankie porn never gets old


Mao was fed crumbs by Stalin to insure the spread of communism next door.

The idea that China and Russia are foes is wishful thinking.