Nothing is free, especially 8 COVID tests a month

A negative test…I’m not gonna go over my personal agenda but I stayed home from work, I also did not send my son to school there’s two among many.

Different from the flu how?

Covid is the same as the flu?

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Is that what I said?

What’s the reliability rate on the rapid test you made your decision on?

I am asking you, based on your question

I added to it.

No, they are not the same virus from a medical standpoint.

Other than the virus of origin, they have more similarities than differences. Especially mechanism of infection.

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I am of the understanding that Covid is generally more infectious and has caused quite a few more deaths…

As to your other question, I am going with the tools provided


Again, so what? Testing will not prevent the virus from spreading, it simply tells them where it’s been. Even Lord Fauci is now saying that virtually everyone will eventually be exposed to and infected by the Omicron variant … irrespective of testing and the so-called vaccines.


Vaccinated people aren’t dying from Omicron. In fact, almost no one is dying from Omicron except people who were on the way out anyway. One could make the point that Omicron is improving the overall state of health of the human species.