Not surprisingly, the United States Government lied its ass off about Afghanistan

Not surprising to me. Not one bit.

The United States Government lying its ass off about our failed 18 year adventure in Afghanistan.

The truth is that is was doomed to fail in the first place. But the government spun its lying narrative of success.

I opposed Afghanistan, even while the smoke was still rising from ground zero. I have opposed it all along.

No more ******* excuses. We need to immediately and unconditionally withdraw from Afghanistan and whatever happens, happens.

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I never fought there so I can’t comment on this. I’ll wait for the experts to weigh in.

You’re either with us or against us. we can’t cut and run. Gotta defeat global terrorism!

Yeah 18 years in and we’ve done as well as any other empire- Russia, Britain, Ghengis Khan, Alexander- which is to say…mired down in a never ending pointless quagmire. Can we leave now?

The experts, as per the documents uncovered per the Freedom of Information Act, agree that Afghanistan is a hopeless cluster ****.

Well being an expert these days isn’t exactly a good thing. It’s actually a great way to be ignored by anybody who resents the idea of other people knowing more about stuff than them, which is kind of a thing right now.

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We have to fight 'em over there so we don’t have to fight 'em over here.

Remember that? It was a con mantra.

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Neo-con mantra, joined in by plenty from both parties.

Had it strictly been a conservative thing, we would have been out of Afghanistan long ago.

We might not have been there in first place.

I was and still am in favor of going there and wiping out the Taliban.

We should have gone there and brought hellfire and brimstone for a couple of months…and then gone home.

Then gone back when we knew where Bin Laden was hiding and done it again…then gone back home.

Same with Iraq and Sadam.

When a culture isn’t ready for “mockracy”, no amount of “nation building” is going to fix it.

Are the “experts” not the reason?

This topic should have gotten waaaaaay more attention than it did. WaPo did an amazing job cataloguing the rampant corruption and lies, either greenlit or given a blind eye to by the US Govt re: Afghanistan.

■■■■ no.

Afghanistan has always been about politics. At least after the first few weeks.

Bush et al were terrified of “cutting and running”, or being accused thereof. Ditto with Obama and Trump.

And the sunk cost fallacy is a lot harder to reject when the cost was in blood and limbs. Not to mention a trillion+.

A story played out far too often.

9/11 upset the nation to the point even doves were calling for action. Call it what you like, ‘truth being the first casualty of war’, or ‘the tail wagging the dog’, but the most apt description of Afghanistan is unnecessary.

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You do realize promises had to be made to the Muj, right?

All war is about politics.

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I like the passion. :+1:

I supported Afganistian, Iv always been the mindset that nation building is needed to defeat terrorist as a threat.

but if you asked me if we turned back the clock to 2001 and if we should do it again with knowing how insanely hard that mission would be I would oppose it.

Non paywall version for the interested:

In a Lessons Learned interview, he said he came across a U.S.-built greenhouse that cost $30,000 and had fallen into disuse because the Afghans could not maintain it. His unit built a replacement greenhouse out of iron rebar that worked better and cost only $55 — despite pressure to spend far more.

“Congress gives us money to spend and expects us to spend all of it,” Copes said. “The attitude became we don’t care what you do with the money as long as you spend it.”

That’s basically because we have the politicization of warfare started by the Democrat President LBJ during the Vietnam war and we couldn’t just get in there and flatten Afghanistan and occupy it for decades like we did Japan to rid them of their radical religious ideology. We got literally nothing to show for our blood, sweat and tears effort in that region when after 18 years we could have been more then halfway to a complete transformation and reformation of their barbaric religion and life style.

America unlike other countries does not occupy forever, we conquer, we occupy, we rebuild and then we give the country back and the 30 year occupation of Japan is the perfect example of that success formula which we will never have again as long as leftist progressive liberal Democrats are voted into political office and power since Dems are hell bent on never making America great and powerful again!

It appears the only honest guy was Trump, but MSM criticizes him for wanting to pull out.