North Korea continues to upgrade nuclear research center

I’m not sure how this can be seen as a step in the right direction following the recent talks.

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this has to wrong. mango mussolini fixed all the NK problems. he told us that

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Trump has no time for NoKo this week. His NSA is kissing Putin’s ring while Trump rage tweets in all caps about passing an immigration bill after telling Congress to give up on the legislation just late last week.

I’m shocked…shocked I tells ya. :rofl:

Trump got worked by China and North Korea, as I suspected would be the case all along. This is just further proof as to why it was insane to have a meeting of the President with the brutal dictator, giving him a literal lifetime of propaganda to use to further oppress and murder his own people.

How bad do you think Putin will work him over? Will he ease sanctions, stop military exercises in Europe, and say nothing about continued election meddling attempts?

Different source, same story:

Forget Red Korea. Trump has a Red Hens to fry and hogs to roast here in the US.


I think it is unquestionable that Putin will run circles around the man. And that is even assuming he does not have the goods on Trump. If he does have dirt, then there is no telling just how bad this will end up for the world and for America.

So trump kissed north koreas ass and they farted in his face…


It’s like Chaucer’s “The Miller’s Tale.”

Only, in this case, the victim is _John_Miller.


Putin need to give the orange idiot his next set of instructions.

Its not proof of anything, except that you don’t much like Trump.

Let’s see where we are at in a couple of years.

Unfortunately, Trump haters simply can’t do that. They’ve already declared him to have failed.

Trump already declared he succeeded, so…



Dude calm down on your Trump Hatred.
It was the first round of talks with NK i don’t get why you think things will magically be fixed so fast. It took Regan a long time in talking to Russia.
It took Obama’s team time to make the deal with Iran.

If I recall Iran seemed to Ramp up after initial talks too.
Did Obama get played by Iran as well?

Why would anyone think things are magically fixed? Simple.

Trump got worked. Period. China and North Korea have resumed a normalized alliance and have reopened trade routes. Kim gets to use all of that wonderful propaganda created by Trump lavishing praise and adulation on this evil, murderous dictator, to further oppress and kill his own people. All the while continuing to work on advancing the very real and current threat of nuclear annihilation. None are so blind as those who refuse to see.

This belies the fist pumping victory laps the Trump supporters made as he returned.

Shown me anything about a second round out of talks let alone your implication that Theresa multiple rounds coming.

Where do you go after a presidential summit anyway?

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And yet you are one of the ones saying Trump lies about everything. SO why believe him on this?

I believe what he did was a good stepping stone but we obviously need to see more.