North Korea continues to upgrade nuclear research center

Trump wasted one of the biggest negotiating chips we have in these types of discussions, by legitimizing a brutal dictator with bilateral talks between him and the President of the United States. Something three generations of North Korean dictators have been begging for, and never accomplished. He followed up this legitimization by heaping tons of praise and accolades on this horrific, evil excuse of a human. Giving his propaganda that he will use to further oppress and brutalize his people for as long as he lives, and perhaps beyond. And then finally, at the end of it all, he lied to the world by claiming things were resolved and that the threat is finally over, which has proven to be completely untrue.

Yes, it took Reagan time. And he is likely rolling over in his grave seeing what Trump has done with this situation. I cannot even begin to imagine any President, but especially Reagan, treating a hostile threat in such an obtuse fashion.

Of course he did.

So you honestly believe that they administration did this and said ok we are done? seriously? I get you think Trump is stupid but he does have people in the administration that have done these things before.

Exactly. That should have been the final step in the process. Not the opening salvo.

I don’t believe him. His supporters do, however. The intention here is to demonstrate his lies to his supporters.

It’s an extremely uphill battle.

More to the point, I thought the initial agreement had them freezing their nuclear programs. It would appear not to be the case.

You remember this one?

‘It will be a total denuclearization, which is already starting taking place . -trump

This is so much better than that garbage Iran deal.

Really? What exactly did this N. Korea deal consist of?

So is that a no? You have no evidence that’s happening?

Who are these people that done this before? Trump hasn’t. Pompeo hasn’t. There’s no North Korean negotiator, there’s no South Korean ambassador, almost all the State Departmbet positions that deal with the Koreas are vacant and the Pentagon hasn’t publicly said they’re not working on it.

Pentagon has* said

May be time to get the ol’ sarcasm detector looked at my friend. :wink:

Dammit! Lol!

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Less Muslimy… Less Obama also.

It’s weird and creepy, as Trump’s whole 1 + Cleveland = dinosaur approach to facts, truth, and logic is one thing when it’s just him grifting his base, working the media, and playing in his reality show here in the US. I mean, it’s terrible and destructive, yeah, but it’s isolated in a way. But when he starts with this ■■■■■■■■ with something like North Korea, or–gee–stubborn, intractable reality outside his personal TV drama, it’s bad news.

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As Trump says, “Deals are my art form. Other people paint beautifully or write poetry.”

And if Trump’s deals as president were a book of poems, they’d be about this level of quality:

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Signatures from both parties.

Iran “deal” was/is fakenews. They never agreed to anything. It was essentially just a publicity stunt which the Obama administration used as an excuse to relieve sanctions and send them billions of dollars.

Even if the “deal” had been signed, it still would not have been legally binding. None of that really matters though, since fakenews media will ignore the facts and feed their mindless audiences the lies that they want to hear.

Not that conservatives who covered the NK summit aren’t part of the fakenews class, as many attributed the shutdown of the nuclear testing site as a result of Trump’s diplomacy, when in reality it had collapsed, making it impossible for NK to continue operations one way or the other.

I understand that there was no objective agreement and I know that even if there was, it would take time for NK to respond. That being said, we were “assured” things were on the right track and many people believed it.

I think it’s troubling that we have evidence that before, during and after the talks NK has continued to build/improve its nuclear program. If NK had stayed where it was, I think that would have been a positive sign. It would have shown me that they’re at least willing to hit “pause” while further talks occur. It seems the opposite might be true.

You have to remember that Trump was a democrat until just a few years ago. He learned the tactics of that party well and is exercising them brilliantly. Everyone here with half a brain knows very well that if his policies demonized white conservative men, as opposed to illegal border crossers, the liberal media would ignore any flaws any logic and call him a genius.

Would be laughable if the stakes weren’t so high. What a buffoon.

Yeah, that’s a bunch of lazy ■■■■■■■■ and an unsupportable counterfactual.

First of all, Trump ran for office years ago and got nowhere. And all those pre-GOP years that your referring to, whether he was calling for the execution of the Central Park 5 or spouting pro-choice views or treating women like garbage, or whatever, he was never any sort of liberal darling–and he’s resented that since forever. He entered GOP politics as a birther king, and the American Right loved it because that’s who they are; they nominated him because he represents them and they like him.

If he crashes and burns, don’t think you’re going to turn around and say: Yeah, well, he was a really a liberal! That lifeboat is going to be burned before you can swim to it. :slight_smile:


Private Trump reporting for duty sir! More than glad to help Supreme Leader look good for no reason at all.