North Korea and the Course of True Love Between Trump and Kim

It is late May: a season of romance and fecundity. But what about the rocky road of this relationship? Trump’s paramour is testing missiles again. On top of that, there seems to be an awkwardness around positions and responses:


Is this all just the delicate dance of two people in love? Is the dream still operative?^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1006837823469735936&

Is this all merely the chaotic play of eros? Or is the romance gone? Perhaps Trump should refuse to engage in any relations with Korea until the Democrats stop with the investigations and harassment.

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True love will find a way. It always does

I certainly remember when Trump and Kim met for the first time. Trump sent a tweet that we all could sleep well. Trump supporters were all gaga. Sane people said that Kim would never give up his nukes.
Trump supporters said that Trump would show us all up. Trump got played. We knew it. When are his supporters going to learn.

It’s just taking longer that anticipated to finish the engraving on the Nobel Peace Prize.

His current worshipers are too far gone.

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Love conquers all

It will be interesting because I believe that the Emperor is going to be exposed as the fraud that he is.
We are finding out more and more that he isn’t a good negotiator. Nor is he a good businessman. He has created a facade of greatness and wealth that is a house of cards. I believe that perhaps he does not want his financials and taxes exposed because of illegal practice. But it is also very likely that he doesn’t want to be exposed as a fraud.

He offered America’s hand to adversaries willing to “unclench their fist.”

Should the “hand” never have been offered?

Can I still get one of those commemorative coins?

You’re still not getting this. People arent complaining about negotiations with North Korea. We’ve been doing them for decades. What North Korea has always wanted is a one on one meeting with a US president to make them no longer pariahs and elevate them to legitimate nation status. Every president has known not to do this till this one. And we got nothing for it and Trump then proclaimed that North Korea wasnt a nuclear threat anymore. Cause he’s an idiot.


Definitely not in the way that Trump did it.

Of course the only way to eliminate the threat of NK is through diplomacy and compromise but Trump went in full steam in his normal arrogant way and then declared the equivalent of peace in our time.

Trump has achieved nothing with NK except to provide Kim with a propaganda coup.

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That’s foolishness.

Good rebuttal.


Can you name any country that is an example of what you just said?

An example of what? I dont understand the question.

There must be some country, somewhere that is an example of “elevating North Korea”? Which country has now changed in their relationship with North Korea as a result of that meeting?


Jesus Christ. Hold your ■■■■■■■ horses. Its not even 8am. You posted ten minutes ago. But just a quick perusal gets me this from three days ago. Relax.


NK is the only country to have benefited from Trumps approach to diplomacy.

He is a joke on the world stage. If world leaders thought Obama was wet behind the ears at least he gained respect on the international stage. Trump garners no respect around the world and as a result America suffers.

The office of the President has been reduced to a barrage of bullying and insulting tweets. Twitter is a powerful tool which used correctly could help and administration or President. Instead Trump squanders everything at his disposal.

Or this:

I like this part:

The Trump administration’s attempts to push through the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula with high-stakes summits have lent the North Korean regime a certain legitimacy in international affairs, giving way to bolder approaches from Moscow and Tehran.