North Dakota Resistances

Is basically telling Biden and his puppet masters to ■■■■ off regarding any and all unconstitutional executive orders coming from the Biden regime.

Republican legislators in North Dakota are taking a pro-active – and constitutional – step to push back against unconstitutional executive orders coming out of the Biden administration, and they are doing so with the power of the US Constitution in their corner.

Hopefully more states will follow.


They will obey and like it.

Remember George Wallace at the school house door.


Interesting. Sanctuary law gambit. I like it, although I’m doubtful as to what practical good it will do.

I always like nullification.

Quite the little totalitarian since Jan 20th.


Biden should use one of trump tactic - withhold any federal fundings to ND until they comply.

Funny how the worm has turned.

Remember the emergency declaration to circumvent congress.


Executive Orders are directives to Executive Branch departments and agencies.

States have nothing to do with the process.

The process no. Execution. Remember the ICE holds?


I’m missing where the 10th Amendment gave the power to determine whether a law or order was constitutional to the AG of North Dakota.

I suppose a tortured reading of the Constitution might yield such a belief.

That’s why Posted…once again exposing who and what they are.

Remember they were all pushing for states right under Trump?


The 10th Amendment has what to do with EOs?

Just one-upping the previous President in the EO game. By increasing the rate.

Will continue until the parties learn to work and play together again.


Whatever excuse you need…

The 10th Amendment was cited by ND legislators as the reason ND had the power of nullification.

State’s don’t execute Executive Orders, either.

You’re confusing anti-commandering doctrine issues.

Yes, but what is your objection. If the ND legislature gives their AG to render an opinion on it, then the legislature issues instructions to ND government, what is the problem?

At the rate Harris/Biden regimes is going he’ll have over 650 by the end of this year.

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I didn’t say they did and I’m not confusing anything.

They will issue instructions to their personnel not to follow Biden’s instructions to his personnel.

Just like don’t call ICE before to cut them loose. What’s the problem?


Does the executive order command North Dakota to do anything?


Well, perhaps I’m confused - because it certainly does look like you said they did. Maybe I misunderstood.

As for ICE holds - that’s an anti-commandeering issue, and well-settled law. This ND law, on the other hand, is not that.