North Dakota Resistances

No. By definition, it can’t.

That’s my point.

What? We don’t know yet what the ND law will be.

Let’s say that Biden issues an EO that says prisoners in state prisons get vaccine before school children through the HHS.

What then?

There’s no problem. It just doesn’t just mean anything. Try to find a single Executive Order that requires state officials to follow it.

It’s political theater.

In execution federal agencies are immensely dependent on state agencies for cooperation.

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He won’t, because he can’t. The President has no authority over state prisons.

Give me an example of an Executive Order that requires state cooperation.

Any EO is fine, doesn’t have to be one of Biden’s.

:rofl: My hypothetical is not “over” state prisons. It’s over vaccine.

Detaining illegal immigrants.

The President doesn’t have authority over “the vaccine” either.

US military is controlling its distribution.

He does, since the Feds paid for the vaccine.

For example, he just signed an EO prioritizing shipments to pharmacies.

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I mean, show me an actual EO.

Not a sentence fragment describing one. The devil is in the details.

Here’s every EO since 1994, if it helps as a reference:

Ah, I see.

I’m going to have to do some additional research on how the vaccine is being distributed.

Since the federal government is controlling distribution of the vaccine (they literally have possession of it), what would you expect North Dakota to do, practically?

Whatever excuse who needs?

You have a habit of assigning motives when I am simply pointing out what is.

Can you link to that EO? I’d like to read the text.

My bad…wasn’t an EO…was an arrangement with pharmacies and the task force to ship directly to pharmacies instead of going through the states first.

I don’t pay any attention to that drivel.

I’ll wait and see what happens.

They only have control over it until it is delivered to the state.

Huge mistake.

You. For totalitarianism.