North and LaPierre in struggle for control of the NRA

More exciting times at the NRA… Monday’s board meeting is sure to be entertaining…

I was told there were no problems within the nra.

You ssying i was lied to?

It’s all a big misunderstanding, no, it’s “deep state operatives” from Hillary and Obama that have infiltrated the NRA…

I hope the NRA board members remember where the NRA non-profit is incorporated… Sure would be a shame to lose their non-profit status…

Massive Conflicts at NRA: Has Membership Been Taken for a Ride?

The events have unfolded as the NRA holds its 148th annual meetings in Indianapolis, and in the wake of a lawsuit that the NRA filed against Ackerman McQueen, the group’s longstanding public relations firm, who has shaped the NRA’s pro-gun messaging and rhetoric for decades. North is aligned with Ackerman McQueen, whereas the board and LaPierre have recently argued that the organization’s media operations have continued to stray from their original priorities of outdoor life and gun safety. These concerns are particularly clear when it comes to NRATV, the increasingly controversial media arm of the group which has recently veered into racially-charged territory that doesn’t align obviously with second amendment advocacy.

Hmmmmm…so the board wants to become less political and move back to their original intent. Now which lib here is against that?

I see you changed from “who here is against that” to “which lib here is against that”. Why the edit?

The NRA faces a significant risk of losing its non-profit status if even some of the allegations are true.

Good. LaPierre needs to go. North isn’t really leading the charge.

No it doesn’t.

:rofl: LaPierre is the one that moved it away!

I edited it because you started a thread that is negative towards this group and find the upcoming struggle to move this direction…“entertaining”. So I must ask the liberal perspective, who is against this…and more importantly…why?

Outdoor life and gun safety…i was told that wasnt the reason they are around…

You telling me i was lied too?

I was told.on this board that the nra wasnt about outdoor life…

Yep…the article makes it clear of that. It sounds like LaPierre is stating that it was the direction recommended by their hired PR firm and now he wants to return…and Col. North does not.

By whom?

The probability is it was more a matter of discernment…:sunglasses:

LaPierre did it, not some PR firm. He’s lying.

Nothing says shall not infringe like outdoor life and gun safety.

It could be? I wouldn’t know and don’t pay it much attention but…over the years, I agree that it was LaPierre’s face that was spouting the political rhetoric that the NRA was pushing.

It’s past time for a house cleaning.

LOL… Have a lot of experiencing leading non-profits?

LOL… Tons. You?