Nomination of the Honorable Brett M. Kavanaugh to be an Associate Justice of the...(Added day 5)

The Senate Judiciary Committee will hear Kavanaugh and his accuser on an extra 5th hearing day, to be held on September 24th, one week from today. His nomination has been pulled from the Senate Judiciary Committee calendar for now.

His accuser, as will Kavanaugh, will be under oath.

I just found out Kavanaugh was part of the investigation into Bill Clinton and the allegations of sexual misconduct by him.

Karma is indeed a bitch.

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She swears under oath it happend.
He swears under oath it didn’t happen.

D’s beleive she is telling the truth and that he perjered himself
R’s beleive he is telling the truth adn that she perjered herself

If they pull in the second guy to testify under oath, same as above even though it would be 2 to 1 in favor of them telling the truth.

Anyone think any different?


No amount of testimony will convince those who want to believe what they do otherwise. This will change few opinions either way.


Karma as in “ha ha, he gets what he deserves” or karma as in those who ardently defended Clinton against such allegations suddenly have a different view?


If I need to explain it to you and you are a Trumpkin we will need awhile.

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If she is lying, it is possible she might slip up under what will, rightfully, be grueling questioning.

If she is, per chance, telling the truth, then she should get through said questioning ok.

I don’t know. You think a week won’t be long enough to coach her on exactly what to say to Congress? It’s not like this was planned or anything. I mean she took a lie detector test because she knew she was going to have to back up her story since she never planned on coming forward with it until the nomination hearings happened. :roll_eyes:


I wonder how log before his wife files for divorce

This fell apart when the supposed 3rd party failed to corroborate her story.

It was also reported last night that her recollection of details is seriously lacking…as in she does not remember the day and month that it occured.

Kavanaugh is telling the truth and will come through this with as much damage as a hair may invoke on a soda can.

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Kavs toast

I believe she intended to make it public otherwise why write the letter at all!? That is just a shameless CYA by Feinstein! This is nothing but the Democrat tactic of “borking” and it’s a repeat of what they did to Justice Thomas, its disgusting.

I’m not saying an incident didn’t happen when she was 15 and drunk with a couple of 17 year old guys also drunk with fuzzy memories that she came to discover while in “therapy” in 2012…30 years later!

She is a leftist activist feminist who wears hats and costumes of female body parts at rallies. She scrubbed her social media of all that activity and she hired an ex FBI agent to conduct the lie detector test. She has an extremely low approval rating of her students who call her “dark” and mentally unstable and there is a possibility that her family has a grudge against the Kavanaugh family.

This whole thing stinks of rancid LIBERALISM!


You sure about this? May want to check your “facts…”

Yeah the timing was strategic. Its working. The elections will come before another can be confirmed. Feinstein might just get reelected now. I think its great!

So low bro. Playing politics with a supreme court nominee. Who does that?


I cant imagine

This is going to crumble in an epic fashion.

MeeToo will loath what Feinstein has tried to do.

Credit to Trump administration for measured and appropriate response. I do not think the accuser and Feinstein expected the hearings to hit the accelerator instead of the brake.


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The facts are on the way.

Just see what transpires on Monday. We want to be careful and compassionate.

Then we all want the truth…


That not at all what karma means. Explains a lot about your buying into Trump con game.

Do you have a link to her saying she doesn’t remember the day or month? I hadn’t read that yet. Thanks in advance.