Nobody has been more mistreated than trump

So trump has decided that nobody in at least the history of our nation has been more mistreated as a person…

That’s if we ignore slavery, the Irish, native Americans,women, asians or anyone who has been kidnapped for years and years.

Why do you a trump supporter allow this? Why do you accept it? You shouldnt. You can support his policies and still tell him to stop, but you dont…

This is what a liar looks like. Our president


victimhood is big business.

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He deserves a third term after what the media, deep state, and establishment republicans did to him. Maybe even three scoops of ice cream on special events.

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4th term!

His RCP approval is at 44.2%.
I completely misunderstood my country.

People ignore alot when you have a decent economy…

Worse than any slave huh?

This silver-spooned elite, raised in Manhattan penthouses from birth, travelled in the back of limos as a baby, never had a day of hunger, coddled in wealth and the finest of the best.

Never before, in this great nation, at any other time, has anyone suffered more injustice or pain than this shallow, ignorant, petty and self-absorbed excuse for a man.


Worse than JFK getting killed huh?

I honestly don’t understand why he says stupid ■■■■ like this.
Does he really believe it? If true, that’s ■■■■■■■ scary.
Does he do it consciously to con his supporters? That’s equally scary.
Is it all just a game to him? I just don’t know.

Because he is a man born into wealth and power who has never known anything else and always surrounded himself with sycophants that tell him how amazing and brilliant he is. He likely can’t comprehend his own inadequacies because he lacks the desire, or perhaps even the ability, to engage in self reflection. When everything is about him, of course he is the ultimate hero and ultimate victim.

So he will continue to lie, behave like an ass, and treat those around him horribly as long as it benefits him. He will do this until the day he finally keels over while cheating on the 3rd hole of one of his golf courses.

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Some of it he believes…
Some of it Is to troll…
Some of it is because he is an idiot

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You might be right, but it’s just baffling to me.
I’ve never seen another person in real life that comes close to him in behavior.

Check this video out at the :29 mark. He’s such a ■■■■■■■ child.

Shortly after this statement, CoS Mulvaney coughed. Trump appeared to get very angry, said Mulvaney coughed over his answer, and that next time Mulvaney needed to leave the room.

He then had ABC News set up the camera and ask him the question again. This time, Trump said it wouldn’t be up to him whether Congress got his financial and tax records, but lawyers.

I am 99.999999% sure…and so are many folks on Twitter…that Mulvaney coughed on purpose because Trump was about to volunteer his financial records. Mulvaney’s cough rescued Trump from that embarrassment and allowed him to rephrase his answer.

99.999999% sure this is what went down.


Oh my God.
That was like a bad movie.
Damn straight it was intentional.

Watching him get upset over Mick coughing while giving his answer was just :rofl:

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That was sad.

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God what a ■■■■■■■ gigantic idiot baby.

Trump can’t handle in return what he dishes out.


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