No win situation comes November

This November election is no win situation for American people.

Either repugs hang onto the house or if libs take over…either way American people will lose.

If democrats take the house they will weaponized it to punish Trump and people that supported him.

If they don’t win…they will take it to the street in a violent rage.

Either way it’s no win situation.

Personally I have problem of rewarding thuggish/mob behavior.

It’s always amazing to me how Trump managed to absorb his supporters so completely that they practically can’t tell the difference between themselves and Trump.

Punishing Trump is not the same thing as punishing his supporters, but apparently his supporters don’t see it that way.

The power he has over his supporter’s is amazing, and disturbing.


If they = All Democrats, then your OP is blatantly false.

I am a Democrat and have zero thoughts on “taking it to the street in a violent range”. I bet that goes for most Democrats across America.

In either case, America wins. Democracy. Freedom to go to the polls and vote for the people who one wants to represent them.

But of course the CEC and the “patriots” will claim that America is doomed if Democrats take House. Its all they got.

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wishful thinking,

I have very few violent bones in my body, but the ones I do have have nothing to do with who controls the house.

Thats just projections, from the fringe right.


With 538 now giving the Democrats about an 84% chance of taking back the House, the OP is becoming very worried.

exactly whoever wins, wins.

If my man Tom Malinowski loses NJ-07 to Leonard Lance, well the voters of the district have spoken. Thats the American way. will I be disappointed. Yes.

will I take to the streets in a violent rage. LOL.


Its definitely trending towards the dems.

3 weeks out.


Trump supporters trying to propagate fear and hate with the base prior to the mid-terms…predictable.

Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, said Sunday that this year’s elections “might be the most important in our lifetime.”

Yeah - no violent rage planned here either. He is projecting.

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Ah those sweet, sweet Trumpbot tears bring joy to me.

Apparently, one branch of government overseeing a seperate branch of government is now considered “weaponization” lol.

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Tell me…what are libs planing on doing with newfound power?

Yep, check and balances= weaponization.

I can answer that, checks and balances on the most powerful position on earth.

Is it just me that sees the humor in the OP coming from someone who talked for months on end about sticking it to Democrats after the 2016 election

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Keeping the Orange Idiot in check.

Checks and balances, a foreign concept to those who cheer that Republicans control all three branches of government right now.

So you can’t name one thing that libs will do with their newfound power?

Except to keep repugs in check?

So you can’t name one either.

Thanks for proving my point.

The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Trump to be a one-term president.


Conan, what exactly is a “lib”?

Down the memory hole.