No Room at the Hospital in Canada

An article about people waiting to get into hospitals in Canada. Seems they have more patients than they can handle and people are dying waiting for treatment. Hospital gridlock seems to be a growing term in Canada and the UK.

"Yet for Bryan Sockett, a Canadian snowbird stricken with pneumonia while vacationing in the Caribbean, going home was a trip too far. In January, after two weeks of deteriorating health in a Dominican hospital (while his family and travel insurer fought to secure him a hospital bed in the Toronto area), Sockett died in a Florida hospital "

The wonders of socialism…

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But, but, but, it’s free…and they have better outcomes than we do! :roll_eyes:


And they care.

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They do. At a fraction of the cost.
Bed shortages occur everywhere.

NO bed shortages do not happen “everywhere” only where there is socialized medicine which is what libs want for the United States. Obamacare is nothing more then a very expensive form of welfare and “county hospital” level of care.

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Ah, so you have no idea what you’re talking about. Ask anyone in health care about what it’s like when they go on divert.

Nonsense, there are bed shortages in the US as well, particularly for mental healthcare. There are also staffing shortages and drug shortages.

The biggest healthcare issue in the US however is a shortage of access for a majority of Americans.


Ontario has horrible funding for hospitals.

Feeding the the stupid what they want to hear. Meanwhile people are free to carry insurance to pay for semi and private rooms in hospitals which gets you in faster.

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How long have you worked in healthcare?

There is a bed shortage in America.

Don’t you want the central govt to fund them?

But Obama fixed it…

Too many Canadians coming here for treatment?


Why can’t the people in Canada without insurance get the same level of treatment as those with? Why do those with insurance get to jump in front of others in line without insurance?

Because they pay for it.

THAT doesn’t seem fair. All should receive the same care in a socialized medicine scheme. Having those who can pay receive better care sounds like capitalism at work. So, in Canada, those with money live better and longer than those without.

Such is the way of the world, so get a job… No such thing as a free lunch.

Sho was the canucks fail to say when they are laughing about our healthcare system is “We have free healthcare. But those who can pay get better care and live longer.”

How is that any different that what happens here?

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Or any where in the world. Eastern Europe does a big business in supplying fast medical care at market prices in Europe…