No primary challengers? GOP is shameful

Then tell me who are the moderate democrat?

This should be good.

Surely that is a completely facile argument that because there were no challengers to B Obama and B Clinton that should preclude a challenge to D Trump?

Surely D Trump’s lack of leadership with respect to the lack of progress in providing the necessary money to look after the first responders’ health care as a consequence of the terrorist attacks on the 9th September, 2001 demonstrates, yet again, another reason why he is not fit for office.

In Michigan, we have Haley Stevens who is a pretty moderate politician in district 11. We also have Elissa Slotkin in MI-08. Our governor is a moderate democrat as well. Of course, we have Democrats who are one the left side in Rashida Talib in district 13 and the attorney general here as well.

Both of the first two are fairly in the middle ground on Capitol Hill. That is, unless your definition of “middle ground” is located on the extreme right of the political spectrum.

Trump says fake news like people here say TDS.



I mean, sure, hate their policy all you want, but Obama and Clinton weren’t liars.


Are they running for President?

But back to the topic, no one wants to have a novelty presidential run just to say Trump is bad especially when most in the GOP hide their heads and try not to say anything negative about trump so he doesn’t mock them on twitter and get them primaried. The GOP is Trump.

Moderate Dems (IMO):

John Delaney
Beto O’Rouke
Amy Klobuchar
Joe Biden
Pete Buttigieg

These are all pretty much middle ground candidates.

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Tim Ryan is pretty moderate too!

LOL yeah OK.

You do know Trump is centrist don’t you?

Trump is jello. Hateful jello at times.

trump doesn’t have a political ideology.

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Populism isn’t a centrism.


Trump is not left, right or center. He is a salesman who will say and do anything to get elected.

Name one policy of Trump that’s radical.

In centrist Trump theory there would be gun reform, universal health care, immigration reform, etc. Centrist Trump wants to do all these things. But jello Trump agrees in the moment then is told he’d lose his base/pundits would be mad at him and he flops.

Populism isn’t defined by being radical.

Where did I hear this before :thinking: Game of thrones when they made Cersei Lannister do the walk of atonement for her shame. I feel this is the way the democrats think of the average republican voter.

What position do I hold that makes you think I am an extremist?

And lol if you think Clinton and Obama lied to the same level as trump.