No primary challengers? GOP is shameful

It’s shameful that in all of the GOP, there isn’t someone willing to step up and say “our party can do better than this.”

What a shame for the party, and for the country.


Why? They would lose. Trump is extremely popular among the GOP base.

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Isn’t Bill Weld attempting to?

I agree that it’s shameful the party wants Trump as their standard bearer, but we already knew how far gone they were. They have flushed their supposed values and what remains of their integrity to “own the libs”. Even supposed party leaders who repeatedly warned us of how dangerously unfit Trump is have lined up to kneel and kiss the ring.

History will not remember them fondly and the rest of us should make them pay for their choices for the rest of their public lives.


As much to suggest the GOP isn’t the party of Trump.

But ■■■■ it. I guess they are. Gone are the days when moderate democrats had an understanding of the republican party.


Libs can waste their money beating each other up for honor of being the one who will lose to Trump.

This is just another TDS thread.


No, it’s a GOP bashing thread.

You don’t care that you won’t have a candidate that represents your party that actually stands for anything you claim to care about?

Would you consider Donald Trump representative of your values?

Will you be joining others to line up and vote for him in a year and a half?


Is the election over?

You guys need some new material


Trump represents the modern conservative male and they love him for allowing them to finally be themselves.


Yep, his election was vindication that America agrees with them, even though it wasn’t… and I don’t believe that he will win re-election at this point.

Although, my dad was watching the campaign stop in Florida last night. Sigh…It’s June 2019…

No not really.

Any Dem’s Challenge Bamma? How about Clinton?

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So you find Trump equivalent to Obama and Clinton? I guess that says it all.

I mean, sure, hate their policy all you want, but Obama and Clinton weren’t liars.

For example, I would never make this thread back in the bush days - and I despised Bush’s policies. But he was a decent human being who represented america well on the world stage, and had some dignity and treated others with the same.

Trump…jesus, what is there to say? Your party is holding up a man who calls people - people he nominated and used to support! - horrible names! I mean, come on…

Barack Obama didn’t spend years lying to the American people and finding new ways to embarrass us on the world stage on an almost daily basis. So no, we didn’t feel the need to challenge him.

Do you believe Trump’s constant lying, criminal behavior, and the disgusting way he treats others represents you positively?

Actually, the fact that you see “TDS” so much is because you don’t have anything new. Just TDS.

There’s nothing more to be said about that. (shrug)


That’s so nice a left-wing extremist worried about the GOP.

What moderate democrats? They have become extinct.

They weren’t?



Right now, he’s probably the only likely option for beating whatever Dem floats to the top of the septic tank.

And I don’t get to decide whether other GOP candidates will stand up to challenge him.

As it stands now, that’s what I’ll be doing.

My view of Obama and Clinton parallels your view of Trump.

Imagine that.

It looks that way to a lib.

It looks totally opposite to me.


The fact that you just made that statement shows how extreme your positions have become.