No need for federal minimum wage

What it will do is increase automation and put these people that can’t earn a living wage because they don’t offer the necessary skills…out on the streets. Nice work dumb ass, non-business acumen politicians.

Solution to what? What’s the problem that needs a solution? Remember, someone actually has to care about the problem enough to want a solution. Maybe even need incentive to want a solution.

If a universal basic income means I pay a lot less in federal taxes, I would be more inclined to favor that. If my burden goes up, I’ll fight it. I care about family and friends. That’s who I devote my time and money to if need be. As far as anyone else, I don’t care how they sustain themselves. Not my problem.

…when you run out of intelligent answers.

Go to school, get an education, then go to work, give your best efforts, start at the bottom, work your way up, learn this job and master it, look for opportunities that your skills now offer and keep making more money along the way.

You are missing the problem. Try thinking a little bit about the big picture instead of parroting talking points.

Do you think low wage jobs will just poof and vanish. The issue is not the jobs wages. The issue is that taxpayers should not be subsidizing companies employees wages. It gives certain companies massive competitive advantages and removes the desire for workers to even care about any wage increase under probably 17$ an hour because the net take home will most likely be the same if not lower due to the gov benifits.

No one is living on 7$ an hour they are getting what amounts to 6-7$ an hour in assistance as well

You mean wait for the illegals to arrive don’t you?

I don’t want them to poof and vanish. They’re there for those who have not finished their education process and it provides an income until they do. It’s when people give up and attempt to make this low wage job, their profession in life, then expecting government hand outs that is the problem.

Let me tell you the story about the 3 little pigs. The first built their house of straw because they would rather play than prepare a structure that would endure the weather of life…

When one ponders how someone got to where they are in life, just examine their footprints that led them to where they are.

The problem is that taxpayers pay the average employee of a company like Walmart 8,000 dollars a year in benifits giving them a massive competitive advantage over their non parasitic competition and they spend that savings trying to convince people that isn’t really a problem.

Why bother trying to get a 12$ an hour wage over a 8$ an hour one when it will cost you your taxpayer funded benifits. This keeps employees satisfied working for peanuts from the company but being supported by the government.

Then companies like Costco who pay living wages and are not using the taxpayers to subsidize their workforce are at a massive competitive disadvantage. This is completely unsustainable

Let’s just ignore that what you said is total fantasy and is not at all how it will ever or should ever work

Why should taxpayers spend on average 8,000 dollars in benifits for each Walmart employee a year?

Why don’t Costco employees get the same taxpayer benifits? Why is the government giving such a massive competitive advantage to one company over it’s competition.

Calculate for inflation and that was $13.89 an hour in today’s money.

Federal Minimum wage today is $10.34

I’m just quoting this, the rest isn’t needed anymore. I am fully aware of everything you said. My problem was with your solution. Does it cost me more, or less? If more, why should I care? And before you ask, I am one of those people that believe I got mine, you get yours. I’ll need incentive to worry about you.

Automation will replace middle income workers long before it replaces low income workers.

did it? wages for people at the bottom were increasing throughout trump’s presidency and the wage gap was decreasing. didn’t take a pandemic, just took good economic policies.

I knooooow…rite…and welcome to the McDonald’s of today.

Im pretty much with you.

The issue is that we are in a completely unsustainable system that caused an environment where parasitic companies that drain the taxpayers are at an massive advantage. What is going on at the low wage jobs is slowly working it’s way up and it is not possible to subsidize everyone like we do Walmart employees. But now people who work middleclass jobs that traditionally would allow you to support yourself are also starting to receive taxpayer benifits.

And you can order with an app.

Middle income Manufacturing jobs have been the ones most effected by automation… not low wage jobs.

That isn’t to say that it isn’t or won’t happen… but the effect is no where near what has happened in manufacturing.

I am aware of this. I think these companies should pay through the nose for government subsidizing their employees. Much more than if they paid them enough to not need government aid. That’s my solution. How to go about it? It shouldn’t be that hard to do. These companies and my fellow republicans act as if prices have to be raised. They don’t. I’ve lived long enough to know that. They’re just trying to make as much money as possible with no regard for anyone else. Ok.

I just don’t see how a universal income is even feasible.

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from Walmart just boosted pay to $15. It's not what you think - CNN

Starting March 13, hourly workers stocking shelves and fulfilling customers’ home delivery and curbside pickup orders in stores will receive a starting rate of $13 to $19 an hour, based on the store’s location and market, Walmart (WMT) said

What’s your complaint again?

that replace the cashier good. i like it. let’s see they replace the cook, janitor, bus driver, landscaper. there will be low skill job needing real people.

That’s good act by walmart. But why not all employees? What about cashier etc.

Averages 17 an hour.

You guys need a new target.