No need for federal minimum wage

Supply and demand will dictate the wage. If owners and businesses want to keep or hire workers, pay them good wage.

Im wondering if this will increase prices for restaurants and other industries.

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Yes, but how do we votetize this?

Don’t worry Biden’s open borders policies will make short work of that! :+1:

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dem will take credit. gop will try to spin this as a bad thing.

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Perhaps by pointing out that it shouldn’t take a pandemic and subsequently damaged economy to get a decent wage?

Jobs Jobs Jobs
Half a million “infrastructure” jobs a coming.
SHOVEL ready!!

Might this have something to do with the extended unemployment benefits? They’re having a tough time here in NJ with wait staff. 15 an hour isn’t even close to getting people to come off unemployment. But I think that ends sometime in September.

My state has discontinued the pandemic payments and are still having problems hiring.

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Whole system is broke.

Federal min wage should be at a level where if you are working full time you do not/can not quilify for any other federal benifits.

Not sure the best way to handle this honestly but currently some companies have massive competitive advantages due to taxpayers subsidizing their workforce.

If you are making 8$ hour you are probably making the same as someone making 14$ an hour if you include all the taxpayer funded welfare you also qualify for.

I went to a fast food Chinese restaurant for lunch, they were conducting an interview for a young lady looking to work there and overheard the starting wage is 15 bucks…

In-N-Out had a banner promoting 14 starting

Businesses seem eager to be paying these wages in order to attract workers

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shovel ready jobs rebuilding burnt businesses


When that happens there’s only one option left. Up the pay.

No one will work for 7$ any longer. Especially if you will be treated like 2nd class citizens.

Working for 7 or 8 dollars an hour is absurd. In 1985 at 18 years old I unloaded trucks for 8 an hour to start. In 1987 I got an entry lever position at 9 or 10 an hour to start. This wasn’t that uncommon for places like the water company, phone company, post office, ATT, roadways, hell, even supermarkets. And this wasn’t even great money at the time. It was decent, but you had to wait for top pay for it to be any good.

fast forward 3 decades plus and I see my Shoprite offering 13 an hour to start. Well hell, minimum wage is 12 an hour. That might be ok for a kid still living at home. But if you’re not, you’ll be living in a tent. Once the unions started fading away, so did the pay.


In 1985 I worked for the fed at $5.50 an hour.

Was that starting pay? At that time it wouldn’t be terrible if top pay was higher.

I dated a girl that worked for Shoprite back in 1983. I don’t know what starting pay was, but part time cashiers made 9.50 an hour and full timers 12.50 at top pay. She was only 20 so she wasn’t there yet. But once the scanners came out the union lost leverage. But make no mistake, they’re not making that money without a union.

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For the GS level I started at yes.

Of course I didn’t stay at the level for 20 years, but in 1985 that was the pay. When I started in HS as an aide for the feds they paid minimum wage. I made $3.35/hr

I’m guessing no. Most places price to sell. Similar to how they used to keep 10-15 cahiers in supermarkets years ago, the prices remained normal. No different than they are today for the time. They just make a lot more profit now.

My first job in 1984 was for Pathmark stocking shelves. I made 3.35 an hour. The cashiers made a lot more. I left after a few months. That was terrible. Plus I was still in high school.

There is no incentive to care about a wage increase that is under 15-18$ a month, it is pointless and may actually be a pay cut for all intensive purposes since it causes a massive reduction in government subsidies.

If you are making 9$ an hour the amount of welfare you get from taxpayers is probably equal to at least another 6-7$ and a pay wage to 15$ will just cause you to lose your benifits.

This creates an atmosphere where workers don’t really care about looking for a higher waged company or forcing pay increases because it will cost them their benifits and it allows parasitic companies to use taxpayer funds to subsidize their workforce, giving them a massive competitive advantages that is unsustainable.

This is not capitalism.

Universal basic income is the best solution I can think off