No More Travel to Cuba

Nothing says small government like telling people where they can travel.

Is there a safety issue for travellers that justifies this?

Communists BAD!!!

Travel to Saudi Arabia is still legal. Along with other dictatorships that restrict freedoms. But hey That cuba

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Those few years you could travel to Cuba where some of the darkest days in the history of America.


Killing journalists is so much better than communism.

Never stopped me from going to Cuba in the past. :smile:

Looks like Canada is going to get stop over traffic again.

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Never looked into it, but I remember before Obama seeing exhibitors at fishing shows offering trips out of Cuba

In case anyone is interested in why…

Suddenly and decisively, the Trump administration on Tuesday ended the most popular form of U.S. travel to Cuba by prohibiting American cruise ships from stopping on the island — financial punishment for Cuba’s continued support to the illegitimate regime of Venezuela’s

Nicolás Maduro.

This is a head-turning move we’re not used to — a U.S. administration playing hardball with Cuba, post the 1980s Ronald Reagan days. In this case, it’s the right reaction.

Cuba should be slapped for the communist island’s continued support and meddling to help keep Maduro in power as Venezuela burns, while the U.S. and other Latin countries who are members of the Lima Group have spent months of diplomatic capital to remove Maduro. Commerce Secretary Steve Mnuchin said Cuba is being punished “for playing a de-stabilizing role in the Western Hemisphere.” Refreshing to hear the U.S. call out human rights abuser Cuba without equivocating.

I don’t agree with the travel ban, but I do agree with your statement communism is bad.

Trump punching down yet again.

Yeah, we’re on real solid ground there - what with breaking up families and keeping kids in cages and all, while supporting the likes of Saudi Arabia.

Trump doesn’t give a ■■■■ about Cuba. He’s kissing the ass of the republican Cubans in Florida.

Apparently he doesn’t give a ■■■■ about the American cruise lines and tour companies who have invested heavily in Cuba either. Probably shorted some cruise line stock first.

Bad policy.

when is America going to punish Russia for their support of Maduro?

Also Maduro won an election the so called real “President” who is being pushed by America didn’t even run in the election.

My wife is disappointed. I could care less. I dont smoke cigars.

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The best cigars come from DR, not Cuba.

Except when administered by Kim Jong Un, or Chairman Kim as some people call him.