No Jbiden Townhall Thread?

The odds are very slim that it will hurt you if you’re not in one of the at risk groups either. This conversation is starting to get on my nerves.


Is this an example of what I missed in this “Townhall”? Wow…thank you. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

Biden Seems to Have Created a New Language For Last Night’s Town Hall - YouTube

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I liked the crazy part when he started talking about the man on the moon and space aliens.

Too funny!!


Oh, it’s ugly as sin. Looks like it goes from double stack to single back to double.

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Biden’s solution - sell more watermelons.

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Honest would be if the Biden administration didn’t fly COVID positive illegals in the middle of the night to various States while sending people door to door to urge they get vaccinated.


Deflect all you want. Parsing a post to change its meaning is dishonest. Own it.

You deflected with the “dunno”.

I’m not am mind reader.

Then don’t parse to change the meaning. Ask for clarification.

My thank you was as clear as your “dunno”.

You parsed my post to suit your purposes and you know it.

An honest poster would admit and apologize, agree to ask for clarification if something isn’t clear and move on.

Ahh, so you are calling me dishonest for my interpretation to my direct question being answered by:



Floyd protests and planes filled with illegals. It’s not individual choices. The buck stopped wayyyy over there

Actually, the buck stops with you (c) and me (c)when we say enough is enough.

How can anyone who wants COVID eradicated turn a blind eye to what is going on at the border and COVID positive outbreaks in detention centers as well as planting them into communities.

Makes no sense to me. At all.

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I’m calling you dishonest for parsing my post to meet your interpretation without asking for clarification.

And you know it is.

They are testing them in the detention centers. They are also offering them vaccines.

Oh please. You couldn’t even answer my question.

Just whine about parsing.

You said, “dunno”.

How about you address the questions I asked. They are very valid questions.

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Nobody should. It should certainly be taken into consideration. The communities however are often just as much at fault for the spread. Blaming the “other” is easier but it’s not right.


See? When you also for clarification it’s easy.

Please don’t parse my posts to change their meaning. It’s dishonest and you know it.

Welp, while you consider it, COVID rates are rising.

Is Biden releasing unvaccinated, COVID positive people into communities or not?