No-excuse mail-in voting makes election fraud as easy as pie and invites one-party rule

Before delving into the subject, let us recall how our beloved media during Georgia’s 2020 election focused on, and ran with stories 24/7 about suitcases filled with mysterious ballots being introduced during vote counting night, and a water pipe break delaying vote counting, not to mention election workers and observers being told to leave for the night, so nefarious activities could begin with mail-in ballot counting.

Remember how those “shiny object” stories and others were continually repeated by our big media, mesmerizing the public, stirring them into a frenzy, and instigating American citizens who were skeptical at the time about the trustworthiness of Georgia’s election process, into arguing with each other? Well, never once did that same media give a whisper about the real vote stealing gimmick hiding in plain sight . . . tens of thousands of “mailed in” ballots, not one of which being counted, was, or would be, scrutinized to verify it was actually filled out, and the choices made thereon, were by a qualified voter who allegedly was issued the ballot.

And this is the Achilles’ heel with mail-in ballots. As reported in the 2005 Carter-Baker bipartisan Commission on Federal Election Reform, “absentee ballots” (i.e. mail-in ballots) remain the largest source of potential voter fraud”.

Keep in mind that corruption and vote stealing in our election process can be divided into two basic categories ___ when civilian individuals game the system and cheat, which is not that severe of a threat, and where public officials, who are directly involved in an election process, and are able to use their office of public trust to take an active role in devious activities to manipulate the outcome of an election’s results. And this is the greater threat of the two categories, and can easily undermine our systems way for peaceful change, which is our election process.

The troubling truth is, mail-in ballots, and especially no-excuse mail-in ballots ___ which outrageously throws open the door allowing universal, unrestricted mail-in voting ___ makes election fraud by nefarious folks in government, as easy as pie. And this is so because, there is no practical way when counting mailed in votes, to satisfactorily confirm that the one who filled out a mailed-in ballot and made the choices thereon and sent it in, is the qualified and legitimate voter to whom that ballot was supposedly supplied.

Currently, there are only 12 states that make an attempt, and I emphasize “attempt”, to verify a voter of a mailed-in ballot is the qualified voter of that ballot, and actually filled out that ballot and made the choices thereon. Those States are, Alabama, Alaska, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

So, with respect to a glaring inability to verify the legitimacy of a mailed-in ballot, should we not wonder why universal no-excuse mail in voting is suddenly the crave of a number of suspicious political groups, and why the allowance of no-excuse mail in voting is being forced upon the people of a number of Democrat controlled states, and without the peoples’ approval or consent?

Can the inability to verify the legitimacy of mailed-in ballots allow folks in government, especially those inclined to cheat and have various types of personal catalogued information on in-state residents at their fingertips, use that information to create illegitimate mail-in ballots which can determine the outcome of an election?

If this no-excuse mail-in voting is not stopped in its tracks, and reversed, America’s way for peaceful change through free and fair elections will have been sabotaged and conquered by those types who now govern in other countries with an iron fist and the barrel of a gun, i.e., in Cuba, China, Russia, etc., where there is one-party authoritarian rule!


The troubling truth about allowing no-excuse mail-in voting in one state is, when acts of corruption infect an electoral process in one jurisdiction “they transcend mere local concern and extend a contaminating influence into the national domain.” Justice DOUGLAS in United States v. Classic (1941)”.


You don’t seem to understand how mail in ballot voting works.

you can have all the votes you want…

the proper question is who counts them…

that’s not a hanging chad, it’s a million votes for the leftist


You excluded Utah from your list. Was that accidental, or do you consider Utah’s mail-in voting to be adequately verified?

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Herschel Walker still lost, and he was man enough to admit it and gracefully went home.

How do we deal with the people that show up on election day with a fake ID and fill out the ballot and make the choices thereon all while not actually being the qualified voter they pretend to be?

Republicans don’t count ballots?

When Republicans win, is it because they’re doing the counting in that area?

So you’re saying the clerks and paid election personnel in your area are prone to cheating? How do you live like that?

If everyone votes on Election Day, what good does that do when they roll in suitcases of ballots and substitute them for the election day ballots? If everyone votes on Election Day, how go we go about with the fact that they have rigged the machines, are using bamboo ballots, and secretly connect the machines to covert 5G Wi-Fi? There is nothing to be done about any of that.


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How does noted expert “economist and noted gun expert John Lott Jr.” know that all those “excess ballots” were Biden ballots and not Trump ballots and trump still lost. That would explain Donalds 3 year temper tantrum knowing he had cheated and rigged and still lost.

I just love how some in the Trump world characterize people like me, who voted absentee in the 2023 election because I have developed severe arthritis in the hips and am in constant extreme pain until I can have surgery, as using absentee voting as a means for fraud. I can’t even drive myself these days because the hips are damaged enough that it would be dangerous for me to drive, and I’m responsible enough that I’m not going put lives in danger. I love how that is characterized as an “excuse.”

But by all means, carry on and continue to characterize those of us that have to use absentee voting as fraudsters if it makes you feel better about Donny losing the 2020 election. We wouldn’t want anyone’s fee fees getting hurt…


From his Wiki page:

A 2021 PNAS study by political scientists at Stanford University and the University of Chicago rebutted Lott’s paper as being not even remotely convincing, writing that his analysis was “entirely dependent on the completely arbitrary order in which pairs of precincts in other counties are entered in the dataset” and that his conclusions about voter fraud were “utterly baseless.”

There, there…do ya feeeeeel any better getting that rant off of your chest?

Those that are too ill to physically go vote, should be allowed to mail in their vote. This medical problem didn’t occur overnight and there’s plenty of time before the election to make preparations for a mail in ballot. That’s how this Trump supporter looks at this issue. It’s those that do not have a medical basis that must go to their local station and vote in person, presenting their ID proving they are who they say they are.


Most states that demand in person voting and IDs and do not allow mail in voting as a security measure also allow absentee voting for those with medical or other issues.
We often see the conflating of mail in voting and absentee ballots, as there is an argument to be made for absentee ballots and very little for general mail in ballots.


With respect to your disparaging comment that you “ . . just love how some in the Trump world characterize people like me, [and etc.] . . . . “, I can assure you, wonderingrover, that there actually are many people like me, who see a legitimate need for mail-in voting under specific circumstances, and fully support accommodating that need, e.g., see : PA’s Constitution, ARTICLE VII, ELECTIONS, § 14. Absentee Voting

“(a) The Legislature shall, by general law, provide a manner in which, and the time and place at which, qualified electors who may, on the occurrence of any election, be absent from the municipality of their residence, because their duties, occupation or business require them to be elsewhere or who, on the occurrence of any election, are unable to attend at their proper polling places because of illness or physical disability or who will not attend a polling place because of the observance of a religious holiday or who cannot vote because of election day duties, in the case of a county employee, may vote, and for the return and canvass of their votes in the election district in which they respectively reside.”

But allowing universal, no-excuse mail in ballot voting in our country, is a bridge too far, and opens the door for corrupting our election process into its demise.

In countries like Cuba, Russia, and China, where there is one party authoritarian rule, their rulers have no need to engage in voter fraud in order to keep themselves in power. Their evil practices are carried out for all to see and are backed up with the barrel of a gun.

But here in the United States, our evil doers are a bit more sophisticated. They are very active in undermining our voting system in order to allow manipulated election outcomes, thus preventing the people from removing their oppressors in a peaceful way.

I have not come across any of the people in “Trump world” you mention, who characterize people like you, as you describe. But I do know there are some nefariously evil people behind forcing an allowance for no-excuse mail-in voting as a universal method for elections, and they do so because it opens the door for rigged elections.


“We often give enemies the means of our own destruction.” – Aesop.

Voter fraud with mail-in-ballots takes a lot less effort and as such offers the opportunity for much more fraud. Nonetheless, to add an additional layer of security you could include signature verification.


The Dems know that which is why they are fighting like Wildcats to keep the mass mail in ballots.

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My list is accurate, to the best of my knowledge. Why have you noted that I excluded Utah, from my list?

Arizona has had no-excuse mail-in voting since the early 1990s.

“Republicans made Arizona an early vote-by-mail innovator in 1991, enacting one of the first laws in the country permitting voters to send in a mail ballot early without an excuse.” - Link


You’re calling the men and women of this country, who do the hard work of running elections in our counties, towns, townships, cities, “evildoers”, simply because Donald Trump is a sore loser who likely cheated and has been having a 3 year meltdown because he’s mad that he didn’t cheat enough.