No deportations for 100 days

So they’re not deporting anyone for the next 3 and a half months? They’re reviewing every single case of someone being detained? What do they hope to accomplish from this? Other than pissing off those who say those who are here illegally shouldn’t be here… certainly not a move for unity.


They’re probably being advised by the same progressive DAs that don’t believe in charging violent criminals.

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They’ll need the extra votes after everything they’re about to screw up. lol


We have a 7 million head start…

We are good.

Your vote is losing value. :wink:

I guess you can’t accuse Republicans of sticking with their own despite screw-ups, since it’s the same MO on the left.

Kill someone here, it’s all good. We’ll let you stick around a little longer and may let you stay!

It actually increased in value since Trump supporters tried to reenact “White House Down” on the Capitol

No, you’re being replaced. :wink:

I understand the reasoning and agree with the policy. Thread title incorrect btw.

Warnock and Ossof say Hi!


This is its own end. Let’s not make mistakes like losing 545 kids. What’s the rush?

Tell your friends I’m taken. :wink:

You can kill someone with a DUI and it’s not considered a serious offense, according to Biden.



Sounds made up. Link?

The memo also outlines the Biden administration’s preliminary enforcement priorities, which seem to reflect the president’s promises on the campaign trail that he would only deport people who have been convicted of a felony and explicitly not people with a DUI.

So you exaggerated.

DUIs don’t matter according to Biden. They’re not serious. That’s good to know. I didn’t exaggerate anything. Show me where I’m wrong.

Prosecutorial discretion again. Meaning even if its the law we don’t have to enforce it if we don’t agree with it.
No, if you don’t agree with it try to change the law.
Impeach Biden now.

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Thats not what your link or quote says, your claim was exaggerated. It’s ok. You just don’t need to do that.