No convention for the dems this year

This is actually really smart on their part. There is absolutely no excitement for Joe and he has real trouble stringing together coherent sentences. His decline is evident. And no, this has nothing to do with Covid. They need to keep Joe bottled up and tucked away. I’m giving him 50/50 odds of showing up for any of the three debates too.

they don’t want him talking open loop. He needs to be shielded from people who could tell he’s deranged.

I think Biden will be fine.

Joe Biden outmaneuvered the Trump campaign with their virtual fundraiser with Barack Obama on Tuesday that pulled in a remarkable $11 million — the most successful fundraising event for Biden this cycle.

They’re afraid of their radicalized base…this way they can control the message and prevent those lunatics from speaking.

In effect they’re cutting em out.

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His condition is bad and it will only get worse. I saw a video of him an Barack today. Nothing he said was intelligible. It was bad. They need to keep him quiet.

Do you think they will let him debate?

You don’t think they can control their message at a convention in which they pick everyone who speaks?

Don’t even see what it matters. At this point they’re just letting the play clock run down to one second and then rushing the ball and then running the play clock to one again. No real need for anything else at this point.


It’s Joe they need to keep quiet. His brain is playdoh.

Glad to see the Democrats are using technology to avoid unnecessary exposure during a pandemic unlike the President who has no concern for the health of his supporters.


Just so you know, this is a mistake, pretending that Biden is like an incomprehensible stoke victim. How’d it work for the Sanders campaign?

All you do is set the bar so low that when he talks like a regular old ass dude people are pleasantly surprised. And with Biden up against Captain Word Salad, that’s not something you want to concede to the other side.


This is a mirror of Kayleigh Mcenany’s response to biden stopping rallies right around time the nba cancelled their season saying he was doing so because he wasn’t going to get big crowds and Trump would keep his rallies going. And then i think two days later the Trump campaign announced they would stop rallies.

It’s just spin.

Glad to see you drank the koolaide. They are not interested in anything other than winning. If they thought a real convention would help them win, you’re damned straight they would be having one. They are not doing this out of concern for your health. Sorry to burst your bubble.

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Of course they’re interested in winning.
Not killing off delegates is a smart as well as empathetic move.


You overestimate their capacity for empathy. They are quite ruthless.

Yes, they’re ruthlessly holding a mostly virtual convention to keep their voters alive. Monsters!


What will be funny is when, assuming the citizens of Jacksonville don’t reject this superspreader event beforehand, the RNC convention center is only 1/3 full.

I think you actually believe that. Good Lord. :laughing: :rofl: :joy:

Wanna bet? The dems won’t be able to reserve seats for this.

I’m hoping the place is packed full of Trump supporters.

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Can we just get rid of nominating conventions forever?

Has anyone else been to one? They’re weird as hell.