No convention for the dems this year

Nobody reserved seats for the Tulsa rally. It was first come first served. Neither Trump nor Parscale are blaming Tik Tok for the low turnout.

I’m not so sure you should be all that excited about the type of person who will show up for a political convention amidst a pandemic getting all the camera time they’re going to get.

Exactly. The lines of this election have already been drawn - it’s Trump vs. Not Trump. No one is even pretending this is about issues.

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Wait… seriously?

A political party is interested in winning?

I’m utterly shocked.

Why do you hate stutterers?

yet they bragged about 800,000 tickets.

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Biden could be a weekend at bernies type corpse and he would still have a solid chance.

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They were protesting with masks on in large groups with no social distancing.


Why not?
It’s perfectly safe, right?

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Having almost all the attack ads being done by never Trump Republicans is an interesting dynamic too, because it’s tough to impugn their motives beyond they thought Trump was so bad they defected.

“These elite GOP campaign guys with extraordinarily well paying jobs for not a lot of hours flushed their thirty year careers down the toilet for ???”

Better idea. Let’s go back to nominating candidates at conventions and get rid of popular primaries except for a handful.

And Biden will still be the next POTUS. Trump is botching this virus deal so bad that I don’t believe that the economy is going to recover any time soon. And that was the cornerstone of Trump’s campaign.
Watch the polls get worse for Trump in the next few weeks.

Well they wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t.

Yawn…we’ve been through this before.

The scary part is that the Democrats seem to actually have their ■■■■ together for the first time in forever. Especially after the primaries went off the rails.

They don’t have a guy who’s a generational political talent like Kennedy or Clinton or Obama, hell their guy is literally no ones first choice, but all the wings of the party are united, they’re ignoring issues and making it a personal referendum, they’re concentrating on the swing states instead of trying to run a nationwide campaign. Democrats don’t do this stuff.

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Got a link to that video?

I think that they learned a lot from 2016. Hillary didn’t think that the rust belt was important and it cost her.
If she would have picked Sherrod Brown as the VP instead of Tim Kane I believe that she would have got enough rust belt state votes to win. 3 states where Trump had a razor thin win. The D’s are not going to make the same mistake again. And this is turning out to be more of a race against Trump then for Biden.
Which is fine by me. I have always said that this will be a turnout race. And if the folks turn out in Obama numbers Trump is toast.

Yeah, it’s amazing. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Family and (my parents) friends keep calling me, worried about whether they’re allowed to enjoy the Lincoln Project videos.

Exactly. Nothing to worry about.
Have a wonderful convention!