No Bribery? Articles of Impeachment Drafted

ok so you dont have an answer. just a venting spleen


Abuse of power…aka: High Crime.

wheres the extortion?

“Do us a favor”

Sham President.

yeah dont get me started

“wasp slave owners and indian murderers“ are now political sages.



Read the transcript! :rofl:

“Do us a favor”

you still have yet to show whats wrong with “do us a favor”

do you even care?

or do you get paid by the post, no matter how devoid of info it is?

what is the problem with that?

i ll only ask do many times

It covers the dems asses.

Asking for a personal political “favor” while withholding taxpayer funds like they were his own money. But you already know that… you’re just playing the defend-at-all-costs game.

Nope, just stating that no matter what comes out, quid pro quo, bribery, obstruction, or otherwise, in the eyes of Trump worshippers, he has never done anything wrong. He is a victim and innocent in all of this. Just ask Idiot Nunes and Idiot Collins and Drunko Gaetz.

where was it abused?

all we hear are these allegations and charges but they are never connected to anything. they are just shouted out. like you just did

Shrug…they arent in trouble.

incorrect. no aid was withheld pending any “favor”

talking point msnbc narrative bullcrap


Trump’s a victim.

still no answer. just more “they all defend trump no matter whut”


Looks like someone has a venting spleen. :joy:

Shrug…it ain’t November yet.

noise and flack. not an iota of substance

i’d be embarrassed to repeatedly post such nonsense. but no one criticizes you. because no one can defend it

Glad we could agree.