No Bribery? Articles of Impeachment Drafted

I have read every single available transcript and piece of evidence given thus far. I have watched every last second of public hearings. The evidence is overwhelming to anyone paying attention and without an agenda or partisan predetermination. Trump is guilty of multiple offenses. He deserves impeachment and removal from office. I’m proud to be on the right side of history here.


last chance to describe what is wrong with “do us a favor”

if you cant it is obvious your posts are just vapid talking points

They’re seeing the beams buckle underneath, and they’re blaming tannerite. :wink:

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More likely that "“Abuse of Power” covers the bribery.

i know. “overwhelming”

but no one can point to it

It does and it will.

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It covers their asses for orchestrating this sham.


It’s been pointed out repeatedly. It’s a waste of time to do so again with anyone unwilling to view the evidence without confirmation bias blinding them. Have a nice day. :slight_smile:

boy one thing is obvious. they sure dont have an iota of anything to support themselves

they dont care. neither do the dems.

just gonna impeach because they want to, on nothing

how awful. and pathetic

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I already did. You just support Donald Trump so much that you simply ignore anything that goes against him.

there is no evidence.

ok run away. have a nice day too


But they’re addicted to CNN’s coverage of this event, so they’re subject matter EXPERTS I tell ya! :rofl:

Plenty of people are pointing to it. You just close your eyes and ears to things that don’t support your worldview.

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I don’t know what that means.

Trump abused the power granted to him by the people. He did so for personal gain. This is the very thing the Founders feared out of an Executive. It’s the very reason they wrote impeachment into the Constitution.

Trump will be, and deserves to be, impeached. He also deserves to be removed from office for his multitude of offenses. He won’t be. And he will probably win re-election.

yeah im sure you did… lol

which is quite something, because not even the witnesses or fruitcake lefty harvard scholars could.

you’re good! < eyeroll >

what did he gain or expect to gain personally?

no one has pointed to squat. not even the witnesses.

sorry not everyone’s as stupid as the dems hope

this will screw the idiot dems so bad

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What do you think he expected to gain personally? What did multiple people testify to, that Trump specifically sought to gain personally?

oh so we imagine what he was to gain

imagination. i guess that’s a kind of evidence…


You’re getting everything but an actual answer. Weird, right? :thinking: