No Bribery? Articles of Impeachment Drafted

Democrats are expected to go forward with two articles of impeachment this morning, abuse of power and obstruction of congress. Abuse of power because he shouldn’t have gotten power in the first place, it was her turn!
Obstruction of congress because Trump and team refuse to testify in the sham impeachment proceedings.

So they’ve backed off bribery, admitting by their own actions that there was no quid pro quo. The testimony thus far hasn’t given them the evidence they needed to proceed with articles describing such. Should this tripe even head to the senate?


In a way I think it should. Just so that the idiocy in congress can be slowly dismantled and shown for what it is.

Yet the congress will be re-elected in 2020, go figure.


Oh, it’s going to the Senate, Pelosi is all in. The Senate will call “fact” witnesses and the party will really kick into high gear!

They would have an impeachable offense if Trump had demanded that Ukraine make a statement that Joe Biden had committed a crime, whether he did or didn’t.
As it stands, all Trump wanted was for them to look into several issues of possible corruption that Democrats didn’t want looked into.
Democrats had an issue that could be argued whether Trump should or should not have done what he did (whatever that was). the impeachment just came from their own momentum of Trump hate building up since the election.

hamilton warned of using impeachment as a political tool. democrats bastardize the founders’ vision of government just like they did mlk’s vision of race relations, and everything else of actual progress


“Do us a favor”


i love when quotes are put out there with no point or context as though they “found” something, but are unable to describe what or how that’s a problem

pure narrative

What needs to be described, it’s all there in black and white. You want me to chew your food for you too?

“Our country…”


Can Dems do that and walk back bribery at the same time?

I guess they’ll roll it all up into one article, but either way… looks like Trump is going into the history books as an Impeached President. SO MUCH WINNING!

Uh oh, libs lost the initiative. lol

They’re projected to announce two. So either your wrong, or there is no spoon. Regardless, how are the dems going to cover their watch and wind their asses on this one?


Abuse of power covers bribes…

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yeah. chew it up for me nice and soft. should be easy if a case is strong enough for impeachmas eve

what does “do us a favor” constitute?

a bribe
a quid pro quo
or obstruction

Trump worshippers have already decided that Trump can never do anything wrong. That happened in June 2016.

The US President used taxpayer funds to extort a foreign leader to help himself politically and you’re going on about how the Dems will word it? :rofl:

Yeah, go on with that approach. I’m sure it’ll be comforting to the President when he gets Impeached.

I love how shameless Dems bring up the Constitution and our Founding Fathers in this sham of an impeachment after apologizing for the sins of our FF’s and subverting the Constitution for years.