No accident in Iowa

While many democrats like to tout our democracy, it seems odd for the second major election in a row we have irregularities in the primary process.

Then of course the democrat party is the party of tolerance. Until one delegate wants to switch his vote after the discovery of Pete’s orientation. Hmmmm

Biden performed so poorly that the establishment apparatus conspired to soften the blow with the DNC and others.

Even with the media ignoring the character fissures in the middle of the road democratic candidates this seems a lot to swallow.

Biden did so bad they are hiding the results.

It’s headline news and getting more coverage than if this had not happened…

what are the headlines? I am at work

That Pete and Bernie are winning.

MSNBC is going through the numbers showing each district and how each candidate did. So where is the media hiding the results?

■■■■■■■ Russians !


2 + 2 = 4?

If these Democrats are allowed to run this year we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won.


We need Strzok!

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i was thinking something similar

but because communist lover bern bern did so well

haha right!

americans might interfere with the election

we need an “insurance policy”

disclaimer: fbi is awesome

Has anybody checked the Facebook Mean Girls?

You mean how they are doing. The count is still ongoing. When it is completed, we will know how they did.

not me. are these the ones sitting out the SOTU because they still cant stand losing?

So far breadline Bernie received more votes then Gaylord.

Dems still can’t count. :rofl:

Why does every post you make about Buttegieg refer to his sexuality?

There have been studies on that :thinking:


Why does my posts bother you so much?

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sounds like a Billy Squier song…