Nikki Haley: now and then



Despite what the media tells us, election fraud does happen, and
policies like ballot harvesting and mailing ballots to people who
don’t request them makes it easier. That needs to stop


Haley has dreams of a political future and she just attempted to cover her ass to protect that. I also understand that a person drowning, will attempt to drown the person that comes to save them.

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you seem to be trying to make some sort of point

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Politically expedient to disavow the former POTUS.

Wonder how many others will follow.

Amazing how that works.



No backsies. Burn the lifeboats.


Naturally that’s a factor, but it’s right in line with her rhetoric since she first hit the national stage. I think she meant every word.

Breaking with Trump killed her presidential hopes if that is what she had in mind.

I’m not surprised as i thought her an establishment/swamp style republican from the get go.

A Romney type.

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Who knew Nikki Haley before President Trump chose her as UN ambassador?

Does she think she would have been a better President than Donald Trump? If so, I have news for her.

You seem to be trying to make some sort of point

Haley is laying the groundwork for a ‘24 presidential candidacy. The “break from Trump” will be necessary to get those voters with the same attitude. After all, aren’t factions within the Republican Party talking of a “split”? Their big problem in my opinion are 74 million Trump voters and how to change their minds.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::+1:t3: that’s funny.

Just telling it like it is. You can take that any way you choose. :+1:t2:

An insurmountable problem for her. They aren’t ready to go back to the Romney/McCain era.

I take it as a joke. Over the next 2 years, they will all “break with Trump”. Jan 6th he made himself toxic.

Wishful thinking. You have a nice day.

A simple observation. Time isn’t going to be kind to him.

Most of whom will vote for the republican candidate no matter who it is.

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That is what’s being fed…


Again wishful thinking. Trump supporters will not go back to the Romney/McCain types.

Again have a nice day.