Nikki Haley claims top aides tried to recruit her to ‘save the country’ by undermining Trump

Many, many fine people are saying she’s lobbying for Trump to unload Pence and add her to the ticket as VP.


Trimp… hehe

Yes, me too- I figured she’d lay low, write a boring book, and then run in 2024.

Against Kanye.

You mean Christian Genius.


That was my first thought as well, she doesn’t want to burn bridges with Trumps base in hopes of getting their support for a future run.



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Ah, thanks.

Tillerson and Kelly are pretty respectable company

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Until they disagreed with Trump that is

ROFL Fake News WAPO!

Now that’s out of the way…Haley offers some criticism of Donald for various events, but ultimately her attitude seems to be one of “I was only following orders:”

In the book, which was obtained by The Washington Post ahead of its release Tuesday, Haley offers only glancing critiques of her former boss, saying she and others who worked for Trump had an obligation to carry out his wishes since he was the one elected by voters.

I suppose it depends on how egregious you feel your boss’s words and actions were, Ms. Haley. If, as you claim, you were treated for PTSD following the Charlottesville protests/murder, or had objections to the way Donald told 4 four elected officials to “go back to their country” or that he ceded authority to Putin on ANY given matter, maybe you would have been better off standing back, seeing the larger pattern, and joining Kelly and Tillerson in their efforts to mitigate the damage rather than enabling it by remaining in lockstep with Donald.

Tillerson is within the Oil and gas business a true business man


Meh, who needs it?

I had to look too.:slight_smile:

Haley is an interesting politician.

DJT just retweeted an excerpt of her book and praised her. She spilled the beans on the “deep state” of Kelley and Tillerson and thus provided her bona fides to DJT to be either the next Veep or next GOP candidate in 2024.

Ostensibly she threw them under the bus to gain Trump’s trust and his base.

I can only imagine how this upcoming book with be written to an audience of one, and is more of a job application than a serious piece. Which is fine, I just thought more of Haley than that. So I am a bit disappointed.

But hey, the girl’s got ambition and she went for it. So be it.

Maybe she will get a commentary show on Fox

Obama had a fundamental impact on how the GOP sees its own. They tend to overly elevate and laud any member that is other than the traditional White Christian male, whether they deserve it or not.

And while this is not a new phenomenon, take for instance the deification of an average Judge like Clarence Thomas, who was replacing another Black Justice, Thurgood Marshall, who was a historic judge, this has been elevated to an art form since Obama came onto the scene.

And this is why we can have almost comically bad politicians lauded as “The Next Obama”, such as Herman Cain or Ben Carson. Nikki Haley sort of slides into this “we got one too” category but she is actually a good politician and a smart administrator. I just don’t ever get the idea of where she is coming from. Is she moderate? No idea. That sort of flexibility is important in the age of Trump though.


Maybe she has bigger fish to fry.

The odds that I’ll vote for Trump are slim to none, but dumping Pence would help.

Pence has been the perfect VP. trump aint in the market for a new one

What job is she applying for? She chose to leave the administration.

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