Nikki Haley claims top aides tried to recruit her to ‘save the country’ by undermining Trump

Wow- Tillerson and Kelly tried to recruit her to “save the country,” she says in her new book.

That’s quite a story, don’t you think?


Anyone have the element tag handy?

This is news…to some. Others like myself are saying…I told ya so. :sunglasses:

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Incognito mode…

If true that’s fairly Ballsy

Trump before God and country…totally expected from this idiot.

To hell with that caveman approach, holy crap. lol

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So his own people were trying to undermine him?

I’m curious to see how his base goes about this.
Do you attack kelly? Tillerson? Haley who is well liked? Call her a liar?

100% true.

Is this really surprising after Woodward’s book. All his senior advisers treated him like a parrot because he only remember about the last twenty four hours.

Of course they were, he’s a jabbering moron. It’s not like this whole “Axis of Adults” thing wasn’t reported on heavily.

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You’re now going to say Tillerson and Kelly are part of the Deep State Establishment?


This has been written about in half a dozen books and countless articles. You feel like you’re some font of esoteric knowledge or something?


I’ve never been more disappointed in a politician than I am now with Nikki Haley.

Her defense of Trump in her interview with Noral O’Donnell the other day pissed me right off. The way her eyes were dancing around…was like someone was holding a gun to her head.

Buh, bye, credibility.

If…I were to pick a politician who’ll do what’s right and not what’s just best for her party…it’d be Nikki Haley. She’s pretty clean…in spite of liberal TDS…

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Yep, that’s what I used to think, too.

No more.

The defense rests. :sunglasses:

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She’s the next Republican presidential candidate. Operating from a bad case of FOMT I’d wager.

Except that was decried as fake news by Trimp supporters here.

I figured when she retired her ambassordship, she was separating herself from the Trump administration while recognizing the writing on the wall…I was wrong about her.

Unless she’s just trying to sell some books…either way, nice knowin’ ya.

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