Nike Sales Surge 31% after putting Kapernick in their ads!
They got $43 Million in Free advertising in 24 hours and today I heard the sum was around $116 Million! Awesome. I hate Nike!

That being said it certainly was a great first week in the NFL and I am hapy to say I won in my Fantasy Week 1! #WINNING


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I see. Someone is trying to bury this story Enquirer style!

Their stock already recovered as well

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Thanks for that!

Saw that coming a mile away.

This will put Donald Trump in quite the catch 22. Does he brag about improving the economy, or does he call for more boycotting?


Isn’t capitalism a wonderful thing. It’s nice to see you guys cheering the success of a big company like Nike.

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And even wanting certain groups to not be shot more so than others.

Which everyone should be in favor of.

Does Nike still use sweatshops, or is their pattern of worker abuse a thing of the past. Is most of their production still done overseas in countries with lax labor laws and anti union standards. Still, it is nice to see you guys cheering when a big corporation like Nike has a win.

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Maybe the sweatshop model isn’t as far in Nike’s past as it would like…

Before casting that first stone you might want to walk around your own house and look and see how many products you have purchased that were produced in other countries and sweatshops. Make a list and post it here.


I’m not the one changing my tune and cheering a mega Corp that i would have previously condemned as some here are doing. If i do have some sweatshop produced items in my possession, i am fine with that. 2 years ago some of the same people here who are cheering for Nike’s recent win would have been condemning them for being too big and too successful. It’s an interesting flip in position to watch and i am enjoying the observation of their hypocrisy.

So yeah. I am casting that stone. What are you going to do about it.

So you do have items produced in sweatshops and are criticizing a company for promoting a guy who wants to stop unnecessary shootings, correct?

That’s a fun combo for sure.

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Incorrect, Cathy Newman. Either your reading comprehension sucks our you enjoy battling straw men.

  1. Never said I know whether or not I have items that are sweatshop made. I said I don’t care if I do. And I’m not going to waste the time looking.
  2. I’m not criticizing the company. I’m observing the behavior of people here that just 2 years ago would have called for the destruction of Nike for their labor practices. Now they are cheering for their success. Hypocrisy in action.
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Here’s a more human thing to do. Help promote the message of Colin Kaepernick. Raise awareness for people who are shot when they shouldn’t be. It’s not only more human but it’s also more Christian.


I see. Because cops are pigs, right?

The problem is that the law already favors what this message is supposed to promote.

The negative is the false assumption that LEO WANT to fire on ANY suspect…Let alone prefer to draw weapons on a particular group.

It does not make Nike or their spokesmouth look good or righteous. It is slander on law enforcement.

What is Nike’s and Kaepernick’s response about the shootings in Chicago on the first weekend in August? It’s likely those people shouldn’t have been shot. But I dont know. Maybe they should have.

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no, because police shouldn’t shoot people when they shouldn’t shoot people. they are governmental employees and they don’t have the right to shoot citizens in numerous situations (like the cop who shot the guy in “her” apartment the other night).

why in the world would you not be for that?