Nick Ayers, Aide to Pence, Declines Offer to Be Trump’s Chief of Staff

Uh oh what’s plan b? :joy:

They all want to distance themselves from the Liar-in-Chief.


Lol Dumpster Fire!

What’s the over-under for the next chief of staff’s tenure, six months?

This is another sign that Trump’s allure has faded dramatically.
Only a fool would board the Titanic AFTER it’s hit the iceberg.

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Wait. He didn’t decline the offer. The fake news got it wrong. It was all a joke. Bwahahahahahahah!!!

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One person = All?

Rofl, christ.

When the young killer with an ego only outsized by his ambition turns you down, you know it’s bad.

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Wouldn’t he already be thought of as a Plan G?

Maybe Ivanka can be chief of staff

Fake news!! Trump decided not to offer him the position because he wasn’t one of the best and the brightest!! Trump has trillions of people who want to work for him. He can select the best of the best. It just takes a while to find the very best.

Ditto, this guy seems like a shark. Being a chief of staff to the VP is a low profile job that will look great on his resume. Being Donald’s babysitter at best will bring pain and humiliation, at worst legal trouble.


Seems like a smart fellah

Meadows name has been floating around… he just responded:

Absolutely not.




This makes me so happy.
No one wants to be the lunatic’s Chief of Staff.

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Judge Jeanine.

It’s like the clown posse is inside the clown car which is inside the dumpster which is on fire in steerage on the Titanic.


I suppose that Nick wants to be chief of staff to President Pence.


Makes me wonder what Pence knows that he communicated to Ayers that made it especially clear that CoS to President Trump was a bad idea.

Granted, there’s enough info in the public sphere if one ventures even for a minute outside the FoxNews/Breitbart InfoVacuum, but even that ought not be enough for a guy as ambitions as Ayers.

He knows something more, I bet.