NHL season is about to start

Yep, refs handing this one to the Isles. Penguins have one power play on a blatant penalty. Everything else ticky-tacky called on Pens. Refs will let the Isles get two or three more power plays in the final 15 minutes for the win.

■■■■■■■ Jarry got ran over and not a damn thing called against NY. Penguins will be short handed again. ■■■■ this ■■■■■

Ducking Bull ■■■■■ nothing on Pageau last game but they call that on McCann? ■■■■■■■ rigged.

Yeah, Penguins not getting a PP today. Refs have this one decided before the start. Guy closed his hand on the puck and changed the direction before releasing it… and the Penguin gets called for a trip.

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So how come it’s legal to sucker punch someone on the ice. But if it happens ten feet away in the seats somebody goes to jail? Is there an invisible barrier around the ice where laws don’t apply?

Tough one today. They needed one win in NY and got it.

Always lousy ice in NY. Home ice will be much better.

Bruins have the Caps about done too.

I’m a hardcore Bruins fan now. Can’t stand the Caps.

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This is starting to look like a Pens - Caps series officiating-wise. Orpik gives Maatta a concussion and gets two minutes for interference. Wilson tries to take out Sheary’s knee by the bench doesn’t even get a penalty. Ditto when he broke Aston-Reese’s jaw. Simply nothing ever gets called on their favor. They look at an opponent the wrong way someone from the Penguins goes to the box.

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All I can say is I don’t give one damn ■■■■ what happens to Tom Wilson. If someone puts his head through the glass I’ll be cheering. He doesn’t give a damn about who he injured or how he injured them… if he’s taken out I’ll be applauding. He’s a ■■■■■■■ piece of shot human being and the sooner he’s out of the league the better.

Figures. Penguins score two goals, then get called for a trip after a play was offsides. Time to give the Lightning every chance possible to get back into the game. Penguins won’t have a PP.

Pens played well without so many key players.

Really liked Boyle and Jarry did well.

Pens in trouble this year…aging team with no depth by the time the spring rolls around they will be in trouble.

Now the devils on the other hand…

Dawson Mercer baby…