NHL season is about to start

And the penguins are already getting screwed by the refs!


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Johnson gets plastered face first into the boards, Penguins end up short handed. Gonna be one of those games.

Penguins getting hammered again with penalties in Tampa Bay. A Penguin gets jackknifed on a play they scored on, ref doesn’t even think about raising their arm. They look at a lightning player the wrong way, arm goes up. Always.

Maybe if the Pens weren’t a bunch of goons they wouldn’t get abused by the refs.

I’ll believe that when they get a controversial call in their favor.

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Wow, only the Penguins would get called for icing on the penalty kill. ■■■■ these refs.

And another penalty against the Penguins. ■■■■■■■ rigged.

There’s the game. Thanks refs. Penguins never get penalties in their favor called that way. Never. Not once.

Yeah, would be nice if the Penguins had a game when the refs would ref the score in the Penguins favor like they did for the Lightning. 3 straight PPs for them in the final 10 minutes when they were down. Penguins never, not once have ever had that.

And the hammering with penalties continues.

And the Penguin opponents awarded a cheap ass 5 on 3. Penguins haven’t had one of those all year.

Cuz they suck…go hawks!!!

:smile: that works.

They just can’t hold a lead. And can’t win a shootout. Good comeback Pens!

■■■■■■■ refs!!! Toronto player trips a Penguin deliberately and then falls into the goalie. Another Penguins shoots it into the goal. Goal waved off, and Penguin penalized for goalie interference. ■■■■■■■ rigged.

You know it really isn’t rigged right. The refs aren’t that horrible in the nhl.

Why don’t I see the Penguins getting egregious calls in their favor?

Did you ever stop to think the penguins are a bunch of goons, and they have it coming??

Of course. But every year, every game?

Orpik trying to take off Maatta’s head, getting two minutes? Tom Wilson, breaking Aston-Reese’s jaw, not even getting penalized? Matt Irwin boarding Cullen, causing him to leave the game, not getting penalized… then a minute later giving Nashville a full two minute five on three on very ticky-tacky calls?

■■■ . A penalty is called because a Penguin has a free hand on an Islander. Meanwhile a Penguin gets cross checked right in front of the goal, nothing called. And the Penguins are short handed again. Know how this game will end.

Refs will ensure this one goes to the Islanders.

Every time a Penguin opponents is down at the end of a game, they get at least one power play.