New York Times Subscription: Money Where My Mouth Is

Interesting turn of events this week. I had gotten so sick of the white trash in the White House calling our free press “the enemy of the people” and in particular his insane denigration of “the failing New York Times” that I put my money where my mouth is and purchased an online subscription to the New York Times.

Hey Fat Donald can just suck it.

The distinguished NYT has been around far longer than Trump has been president and they will be around long after he is just a bonespurred footnote to the most regrettable political era in the modern age of America.



If I were to buy a subscription to fake news times, they’d have to accept Monopoly money?

Fake news is free Smyrna. You should know, since Infowars is funded primarily by the sale of male virility supplements and emergency seeds for use after the nuclear Armageddon.


What do you subscribe to?

Whatever. Your post makes no sense. But it does make sense you would make a senseless post since you obviously are following idiot Trump marching orders and talking points.


Sounds like he subscribes to Trump talking points. It doesn’t cost anything, but that is okay, it doesn’t make you any better inforned.

I get the Sunday NYT delivered to my house. I love sitting on my back patio watching birds, drinking fair trade coffee, and being artfully indoctrinated by some of the smartest people in the country.


Please phrase your question in the form of an English.

No worries. Right wing talking points are free.

Enjoy your savings.

White trash?

Do you need to specify the color? I mean, do you normally think “trash” is by default some other color ? I’m always intrigued by this term when libs use it.

WRAY: This is a term that really has white supremacy baked into it because it’s kind of like it’s understood that if you’re not white, you’re trash.

NPR libs have spoken. So now, you know Lou, there is NO forgiveness in such cases.

. . . don’t forget the artisan donuts. The problem is, I end up throwing everything back up when I read Ross Douthat, David Brooks, or Tom Friedman. :nauseated_face:

I had a Sunday subscription to the Times (it also included online access), however I ditched them after yet another Maggie Haberman article that sucked up to Trump. They get access, but they fail to ask any tough question of the nations biggest ■■■■■ president. Sent my money over to Washington Post.

Damn…so many “feelings” in this thread. Happy Friday everybody. :sunglasses:

No subscription needed. Just keep posting here.

TGIF Smyrna.

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Weekends are a great time to make Trumpists miserable. There are a few that I get to see on the weekend at the local pub, and I make them miserable as I rub their noses in the failures of Trump and his hypocrisy. So much has happened this week that I might have to make some notes beforehand.

Has anyone been to the front page of recently? It’s complete garbage. It’s almost impossible to find actual news on that website. Sometimes I’ll check FoxNews first, then CNN, then the WAPO … and my god, it’s amazing the difference in level of actual news from each media outlet. Fox, as said, is garbage, CNN at least attempts to report the news of the day, albeit with spin, and WAPO is above and beyond trying to actual report.

True story. I used to frequent a Tavern that yelled at me for talking about politics. But every TV in the place was tuned to FOX News. They don’t want to hear anything if it isn’t from a Fox talking head.

This morning one of their stories at the top was an opinion article about how the latest primaries made it harder for the Dems to take back congress. It was a pickup me up article for Fox viewers. But it was written on June 6th. More than two months later they needed something to ease fears about losing the House. Because for the love of god they couldn’t post an article about 538 releasing their House elections preview showing a 75% chance of Dems taking it back. That came out yesterday.