New York Times Changes Headlines when Democrats Complain

This basically tells you everything you already knew about the NYTs. They had an article titled "Trump urges unity vs. racism.” Naturally, the top Democrats didn’t want an article out there showing Trump as being against racism, so they complained to the NYTs.

“Amid a storm of criticism on social media, including from top Democratic presidential candidates, the newspaper later altered it to the more critical: “Assailing hate but not guns.””

Now, if Trump could call up Fox News and tell them to change their news headlines to be more favorable to himself, what would Democrats say about that proving Fox was an extension of the Republican Party? Well, I don’t think Fox would do that, but we now know the NYTs would, when Democrats give the order.

if only…


Lol. It’s hilarious the things people run with, how delusional they have to be to keep a narrative.

It’s also hilarious to think that Trump would ask to headline to change considering who is running his press office…it’s much more likely where the headline was formed in the first place

We had Tucker on his show saying white supremacy is a hoax like the Russia stuff. Does it matter if it came from Trump or that’s his actual take when it’s the same result?

And the problem with the nyt headline is that anyone ever thought that was a good idea to begin with, it was the van jones today Donald trump became president of headlines. Yes, trump said unity. You don’t make news headlines based on TelePrompter trump. They should know this and it’s why the media is complicit in Trumps game.

So the NYTs changes their news because Democrat leaders say so and the response is…Trump…Fox.
About right.


What’s the source of the OP? There’s no link.

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“Changes the news” …that’s one way to describe changing the headline.

The headline is the most important part of an article to many people. It is certainly part of it. Why do you think Democrats thought it so important to change?

Sounds like projection.

Yeah sure. They got called out for being trash and changed it and said they were going to change it anyways because they thought it was bad.

“Trump asks for unity” etc is an insultingly bad political headline.

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Isn’t this fake news? What’s it to you anyway?

From the standpoint of the DNC and their NYTs.


Fake news

Everyone knows the first fake news headline is the real fake headline and then they changed it to be double fake.

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You do know Trump calls up multiple Fox programs often, right? Right?

So…you are comparing the NYTs supposed all the news fit to print to talk shows like Hannity? Point taken.

You brought fox up in your op, it was your point. Then you try to put bringing fox up onto someone else.