New York Representative Peter King will not seek reelection

Another GOP seat up for grabs… King’s seat will would be a great pick up for the DNC…

I believe the interesting question is why are so many Republicans in Congress giving up their seats, compared with Democrats? Any thoughts?

His net worth has drastically declined over the past few years and may have something to do with his decision?

I thought everybody was doing much better with Trump in office?..:grin::grin::roll_eyes:

I’ve had the two best months of my lifetime in July and August but…it was Obama who turned our economy around and I’ll always be thankful to him for that.


Mebbe he went down the swamp drain?


His opponent seems like a pretty formidable candidate…


What’s the difference really?

They just had a unified government, pretty close to the ultimate political goal.

What else is there to shoot for?

“Give us a supermajority and we’ll fix the debt this time! We will fix your healthcare this time! We will give you a permanent tax cut this time! We will bring back your manufacturing jobs this time! Coal is coming back this time!”

I can’t imagine that kind of thing will get someone excited enough to push for next cycle of Republican power. Thinking about how many election cycles they will have to press through, and how many years it will take, I can see why an old man will just feel kinda tired.

This is especially true even if you’re not talking about money.

My guess is that it’s exhausting and embarrassing to be in Congress while Trump is in office.

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Nah, taking a beating on a daily basis for fat donald will take a toll on you.

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That was an excellent sheople response…orange man baaa, baaa, baaad. Nice. :sunglasses:

January 12th

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Says the guy literally copy-pasting his standard response.

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Given his record, I doubt Peter King is easy to embarrass. My sense is that Republicans are fleeing because they don’t expect to regain leadership any time soon and begin the minority in the hyper-partisan Congress we know have is not rewarding.

There’s better money to be made as a lobbyist and since that part of the swamp is no longer part of the conservative swamp drainage project it is probably an appealing destination.

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Plus, he is 75 years old.

My guess is that it’s exhausting and embarrassing simply being Peter King

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Trump worshipers are dropping like flies.

Internal polling must be fabulous!