New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo: America was never that great

The word you’re looking for is “truthful”.

It was great for some, not that much for others. Unfortunately those others are still looking for America’s greatness. All is not loss though, we still have the potential to be great and it will not because of 45.

He sure seems to be trying to outdo Cynthia Nixon’s socialist/communist ideas.


He’s spent practically his whole career in public service.


I’d say he got to be Governor because of his long record of public service on the Federal level and in NYS and the people of NYS elected him over the idiot Republican candidates put up to run against him.


You apparently have not been paying attention to what is happening in California and how illegal immigration is adding to the homeless.


THAT was a huge D mistake.

Cuomo isn’t even a progressive.

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And btw, bringing up his time at HUD is probably not a good idea. His policies directly led to the housing bubble and crash.

So there’s that.

No they didn’t. There were many other factors that contributed to the housing bubble and crash.

well then why don’t you enlighten me?


See: Andrew Cuomo, Apostle of Progressivism

January 5, 2018

”New York’s governor characterizes success as a list of new laws and programs, regardless of their results.”

One clear message from New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State address earlier this week is that the Democratic governor wants everyone to consider him a “progressive.” Cuomo used the term 14 times in his address to describe his policies and the political character of the state under his leadership.


The liberty to fail or succeed at one’s own hand is a PROGRESSIVE`S nightmare and not the American Dream

He’s not a progressive. But I’m glad you’ve temporarily abandoned the false narrative of him somehow being a communist.
Do you live in NY?

He just ended any Presidential hopes he had.

When was America great?

After the way the Obama decade was treated, I expect whatever time period that I get in response will be absolutely perfect. Especially compared to Obama’s horrific, environmentalist reign of terror.


No one’s ever given specific dates that I can recall, but my sense of it is the general consensus among Boomers puts it immediately after WWII, and ending around the mid to late sixties.

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Please oh please let this become something Democrats want to argue during elections. Can you get them to put America was never great in their platform?

For someone who claims to want to see Donald impeached you sure cheer for circumstances that would boost his chances of re-election.

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When was America great?

1970-1976: great
1977-1980: not great
1981-1992: great
1993-2000: not great
2001-2008: great
2009-2016: not great
2017- : great


Your eagerness is underestimating the intelligence of the American Voter. If it becomes part of the platform, I’m positive that republicans will respond to it. I would love to hear every single republican tell me when they thought America was great.

The really dumb ones will even tell us why, and open themselves to direct attack by quantifiable metrics. The rest who keep it vauge will just get crushed by middleschool textbooks.

Donald Trump disagrees with you.