New Troubles for Schifty-Michael Mukasey Speaks

Mike Mukasey Talks With Maria Bartiromo about FISA and The FBI.

My original thought was that the phone records were illegally obtained. The lefties here dogpiled ranting and raving that they weren’t because he subpoenaed them.

I have yet to see a record of a subpoena being issued or served.

Beyond that Mukasey around the 4:00 mark strongly suggests that even if he did issue and serve a subpoena it was unlawful for them to surrender the records because the subpoena itself had no legal basis or justification.



It would appear to be a case of abuse of power.

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And a clear violation of law if Mukasey is correct. With his experience and record I’m sure not going to argue against his position.

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You don’t need a subpoena, Congress asked for the records and the company provided them.

You would think that if AT&T would contact the authority if something illegal happened.

Somehow I’m thinking Mukasey is probably a little better versed on the law than you are. Phone records are protected under the privacy acts.


There is no law forbidding AT&T providing records when requested.

your suggesting that Schift somehow blackmailed one of the largest companies in Ameirca.

I bet you Schiff is even better at the law than both of you…

Good luck with this…

I’m betting a former federal judge and prosecutor has a better understanding of Federal Law than you.

It’s a sham! Fake…witch hunt blah blah

please cite the law that was violated.

He better hope so. If he’s called to testify in the Senate Trial he’d better have the Fifth Amendment memorized.

Sadly AT&T a company with I assume a thousand lawyers on staff was out smarted by Schiffy.

Are you aware of the relationship between Giuliani and Mukasey?

I’ll leave that up to Mukasey and others. Title 18 is a pretty long read.


Didn’t McConnell say there would be NO WITNESSES called?

Lol… Is he just an impartial observer?

He’s a highly respected judge and prosecutor with a long record of integrity.

Did he? What are you going to do about it?