New Rules thread!

Mine: If you are too fat or to old to mount a horse you cant be considered for the position of Commander in Chief.

If your last name is Clinton or Bush you are banned from entering politics.


There go my dreams (though I did ride a horse last summer).

You cannot be against abortions because it kill babies and then allow babies to be put in concentration camps.


The ability to purchase a firearm and learn the extraordinary skill of aiming and pulling a trigger does not make you tough. Sorry crusties.

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Anyone who advocates for military action shall immediately be placed in a soldier costume, handed a weapon with 5 rounds of ammunition and be the first pushed out of the helicopter.


Or Trump or Kushner

Or have already gone?

Fair enough on that count, Sneaky.

Just because it’s never happened to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist; i.e. racism, police brutality, sexual harassment, etc.

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Twitter shall not be used for presidential announcements.


Just because it exists doesn’t mean it’s everywhere or that it happened to you.

Awhile back I got up on a horse. After a few minutes he started to buck and I got thrown off. My boot got caught up in the stirrup and I was in mucho trouble. Thank goodness the merry go round operator pushed the emergency off button in time.


new rules? no we will not do metric…

Except for mileage …we already have. :wink:

Engineers collectively just groaned.

Stop being outraged on behalf of groups you’ll never be part of.

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would the train drivers whistle?

Pocket protectors not silly blue hats.

Case by case basis. Really ought to know better.