New photo in WH: Kim Jung Un

Our POTUS hung a picture of him with a man who murdered an american, and who is a murderous dictator.


He looks at that picture and thinks it’s historic because he’s the only President who crossed that line.

No matter how long he stays in the Whitehouse, he will never look at that photo and wonder why. He doesn’t think like that. He was first. First is winning. So hang that baby up where everyone can see it.

The first/only step into NK by any President…

Get your egos correct people…it’s NOT about l’il rocketman. :sunglasses:

I hope the next President does a live airing of him or her throwing the picture in the dumpster.


I’m sure in the coming years, that picture will be proudly hung next to these gems (or not).


Just because it’s a first or historic, doesn’t mean a picture of it needs to be in the White House.


What is the problem? Is it not uncommon to have a photo of the person you fell in love with on your wall.


There are certain things that are just not appropriate in the White House. Pictures of dictatorial tyrants who murder citizens of their country (including members of their family) belong in the “inappropriate” list.

Then again, Kim and Trump did fall in love according to our illustrious president, so I guess there is that…

Nobody can say that Donald Trump doesn’t look presidential. Bonus points for making libs angry with this wall decoration choice.

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I bet a huge group of our military leaders think Trump is a nut job.


Definitely the West Point guys.

I once parked in Arizona when visiting the Hoover Dam. Trump’s been to North Korea about as much as I’ve been to Arizona.

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Do you know why other presidents didn’t step into NK?

Also, you should tell Otto’s parents that’s why the POTUS hung a picture of their son’s killer in the WH.

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Also - can you imagine Trump doing something that you would not excuse and support? If so, could you tell us what that might be?

Yes…and I have many times. This post simply solidifies the point your queen made…“what difference does it make now, anyways”? :sunglasses:

It’s certainly not about America

Who is with Hitler on the bottom?

Herbert Hoover.

He went to Germany on a European tour in 1938 (to accept rewards for his humanitarian efforts to feed the Continent in the years following World War I) and met with Hitler in March.

This one is a little disingenuous though because in that meeting Hoover actually scolded Hitler about the lack of personal freedoms in his country (Hitler’s response was that resource-rich America could “afford” personal freedoms while Germany could not) and then berated him back home in America as well (although he did also urge the US stay out of European affairs and possible wars at the same time).

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LOL, imagine the caterwauling from the right had this been Obama or Hillary

“Honoring a murderous communist dictator by placing his picture in the White House ! Reagan turning over in grave !! Fascism/Communism/Stalinism if finally here, folks !!!”



Trump voters need to speak up. About this and a lot of other really bad stuff that Trump is doing.

the bust of churchill comes to mind.