New photo in WH: Kim Jung Un

Trump has called this murderous dictator “a real leader”.

His base is too afraid to counter and condemn that statement. To do so would unravel the false reality they’ve created that says, “This is okay.”

Imagine if it was a murderous communist dictator who was also likely responsible for the torture and death of an American citizen. This place would be ballistic.

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Remember when Republican got upset when Obama had a photo of Mao in drag in the WH.

We should not deal with dictators and oligarchs like Kim and Putin. Nuclear war and conflict are better. Unless of course we are talking ayatollahs and Castros…they are different because…Obama.

Well when you put it that way…

Might want to compare and contrast the position and trajectory of the Iran nuclear program now and at the and of the Obama administration. Cuba hasn’t been a threat or concern in decades. What’s your point.

We’re no better off in North Korea today than 30 years ago. Putin interferes with elections and Trump turns a blind eye.

What was your point?

Why don’t you post the whole quote?

Wait, Obama hung photos of Ayatollahs and Castros in the White House ?

Ummmm…the idea is to meet with dictators that are threats to the US in order to ameliorate that threat. There is no point in meeting with dictators that are not threats.

what has kissing Kim butt gotten America in the last 3 years.

That never happened so its not worth discussing.

so Trump hasn’t publicly praised Kim once in the last three years.

Yes. That’s not what you said.

what would you class as “Kissing butt” I would count that as painting a murderous dictator that feed people to dogs as a nice humble person.

“Well, he is very talented. Anybody who takes over a situation like [Kim Jong Un] did at 26 years of age and is able to run it and run it tough. I don’t say it was nice, I don’t say anything about it, he ran it. Very few people at that age — you can take one of 10,000 probably couldn’t do it.”

“I learned he’s a very talented man. I also learned that he loves his country very much.”

Remember Otto.

And that Trump approved to pay NK 2 million for Ottos medical expenses.


He loves his people so much he feeds them alive to dogs.

Ok. Then again…

…what is your point? Nuclear war and conflict are better?

We don’t really need to imagine that since it actually happened with Obama

That was sarcasm. No, you are right. You have to meet with dictators and deal with them if you don’t want nuclear war and conflict.

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Not surprising that my post showing the rights double standard with Kim Jong-un meetings was deleted.

It’s hard looking in the mirror sometimes.