New Michael Moore film about Trump

Moore’s been ramping up the media blitz for his new film which opens Sept. 21. Love the scene in the trailer where he shoots the Flint water over the wall of the governor’s home. I’m looking forward to seeing this in the theater. (FYI, he’s on with Chris Hayes on MSNBC tonight/Sept. 12.)

The title is brilliant marketing, but I won’t waste my money on it in the theater. I doubt I will ever see it in fact, I don’t think Michael Moore has the ability to be objective or particularly accurate about politics. I agree that Trump is a disaster for the presidency but I don’t need frothing at the mouth propaganda to blow it all out of proportion.

As a documentary filmmaker, he’s under no obligation to be objective. Documentaries as a rule aren’t. They’re made to express a point of view. So you can either go see them or not. Moore’s an “in your face” guy. That’s one of things that he’s used in his films. This one will be no exception.

They make a much stronger case by being objective, as the truth eventually comes out anyway and then the people who matter, who can make the changes a documentary program calls for will be disenchanted towards it. In the long run the frothing does more harm than good.

Ken Burns is pretty objective even when you know for a fact his opinion clearly leans one way, that’s the kind of stuff I like…

Did he include the scene where the Obama EPA admitted their failure in not catching the problem with the Flint water supply?

Just more money confirming peoples biases.

Burns’ work has been pretty much non-controversial, though. I agree his stuff is great. Love “The Civil War” and “Baseball.”

It wasn’t the Obama EPA that started the problem.

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Isn’t Moore the left wing equivalent as that idiot Dinesh D’Souza? If so the both push out garbage for the left leaning and right leaning sheep to lap up

damn it. now we’re gonna have more threads about CNN and Awards Shows.

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Wait Obama created the Flint water crisis…lolol

That’s the criteria? Did Bush or Trump create hurricanes?
(uh oh…he’s a Democrat. May think they caused them with global warming)

No. 10char

I wonder if this film has a left wing bias? On another point I did like Moore’s documentary Sicko.

Is he not? Thought he was

I like Michael Moore as a person more than I like his documentaries, and I think a lot of conservatives would agree if they saw/listened to him in a neutral setting. He really does care about what he’s doing, but I can’t stand the selective editing of his docs.

You think wrong. For one, Moore hasn’t been convicted of campaign finance fraud. D’Souza’s a piece of dirt in the same class with Jerome Corsi. The fact they both get any kind of respect from conservatives says a lot.

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Meh he has some good points in his movies but the blabbering idiot part of him drowns that out

Saw the film last night. I thought it was a great film and I encourage everyone (yes, everyone) to see it. I can hear some people saying, “Yeah, he would have liked it anyway,” but I will tell you Moore doesn’t spare anyone from criticism – Trump, R’s, D’s, Hillary and President Obama (in one of the sharpest moments of the film, too). The best parts, in my view, are about the Flint water crisis (he’s a native of Flint) and the Parkland school tragedy. I liked it better than “F 9/11”.

For those who don’t like how he injects himself into his film, the vast majority of the film is not about him. I might go see it again today with my wife, who didn’t go last night because my son and I went to the 10 p.m. show (normally past my bedtime).

Anyway, go see it.

■■■■ no…

Like I said, his criticism goes both ways. I suspect someone like D’Souza doesn’t do that.

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