New Harvard Study: Homeschoolers Turn Out Happy, Well-Adjusted, and Engaged

A system that teaches to the test is not a good system.
The way schools are funded is also an issue.

And yes, I agree parents and kids are part of the problem. Mostly the parents, for shielding little Bobby or Cindy from responsibility.

Your fingers seem to work just fine…

Well, if we had 300 million Zantax’s, everything would be awesome.

They do. You brought Finland into the conversation like it was a model.

Start with the teachers.

Oh? Am I a unique genius? Thanks for the compliment I guess.

It was meant as a compliment. And to also point out that not everyone can do what you do/did.

Humans are messy. Have you watched “Shameless”?

Good. If you are really interested…use them.

It was easy. I could have skipped primary school altogether and still done it. In half the time. Or a quarter.

Yeah I saw a few seasons, cushy lives. My dad made Frank look lovable. Would love to see one of those kids split a winters worth of firewood to heat the house. Or work an acre garden every summer. Or cut cabbage fields.

I did. Now about your opinion…