New Harvard Study: Homeschoolers Turn Out Happy, Well-Adjusted, and Engaged

Add another one to the “Duh!” column. I’m very thankful for the pandemic helping to show parents that there are much better options than public school. Schoolboards beware. :wink:

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They turn out great and unindoctrinated to boot.

Win Win!


You’re right. Remote learning was eye opening for many parents, for better and for worse.


It may very well have started a grassroots movement. Time will soon tell. I plan to give my kids the option when they complete 8th grade.


For those that are able, the option of home schooling is a good one. But homeschooling is still a privilege that isn’t available for all families.

My sister partly home schooled her daughter and partly had her do online courses(during the high school years) and she turned out quite well. She is a teacher now.

The sister was quite well qualified to home school her with a Doctorate degree and being a college professor.

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You don’t think parents indoctrinate?


Not with that attitude. :wink:

Sure but they are less likely to be appalled at the ideas they instilled.

So that makes indoctrination ok?

Got it!

(Disclaimer I’m not arguing against homeschooling).

Absolutely nothing wrong with parents instilling their values in their children. Kind of their job actually.


Yeah the parents “indoctrinate” them with good manners and good morals instead of being America hating socialists.

How terrible! :roll_eye

p.s. Seems to p.o. off lefties that They don’t get to indoctrinate your kids.

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What if they are racists? Or communists?

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There is definitely something wrong with parents indoctrinating their kids.

They raise their kids…they do not own them.

Nothing wrong with sharing values.

Everything wrong with indoctrinating.

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Are you homeschooling now?

I wonder about the social components of high school. Though I think there are pros and cons both ways there…

Sure, if their values suck it’s not a good thing to instill them in their children.

Many parents do.

Many do not.

America is already a socialist country.

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Everything is fine so far with our public option, since the class sizes average about 5-7 students (per grade). My son’s class is currently the largest at 12 students. Most of the school admin are ranking members of the local churches, and most of the teachers go to said churches once or twice a week.

It’s a good community. Never saw a hint of common core, CRT, or any of that other BS going on in the urban cattle corrals. The school calls me any time there’s an issue. Homework only involves what the students fail to complete during the work day. Hell, they have 2-3 recesses every day.

Both of my kids attending are straight A students. Son is in the 98th percentile for mathematics. If he wants to become a mechanical engineer when he grows up, he may have to buckle down in his teens and forsake the hormonal cesspool known as high school.

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So indoctrination is good if you approve?